"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." -HDT

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Days.

"I'm happy, because seeing 
you happy, makes me happy!" 

Looking through old photos and 
going through amazing memories,
I've come to this conclusion: 
Quirky and sweet, my best friend is 
the greatest boy on the planet. 

So friends, tell me, 
what makes you happy? 

Happy Almost Weekend :) 


Dawn said...

Hi Anya....sweet blog. I had to peek again. (I saw you through my cousins blog (our little love nest)...hope ya don't mind:)
What makes me happy.....food, sun, my porch swing, and breathing:)))
Happy weekend to you,
(thanks for sharing!)

Anya said...

Hey Sweet Girl!!
I just love getting your comments, they always make my day brighter! I must agree, food, sun, a good porch swing always tops my list! And you are more than welcome to visit and comment as much as you like, as long as I can return the favor for your blog. Hope you have a fabulous day!!
-Anya :)

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