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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wait, what?

my brother is going to high school? 
my 6'5'', 14 shoe size, 15 year old, 
not-so-little, little brother 
is going to high school. 
When did this happen? 
Holy Moses, I feel so old.  

He's already made the Honors Symphonic Wind Ensemble
 at the high school and is playing basketball 
with the varsity basketball team over the summer. 
So proud of this kid!

looking spiffy with the parentals before his 8th grade social :) 

receiving one of the many academic awards, 
I enjoy the fact he has to bend over to receive it haha 

Patrick with his basketball team!
Me being his biggest fan, 
Nate being the most injured fan, 
that being my fault. 

at the eighth grade graduation! 
how time flies! 

Patrick, I'm so proud of you! 
I'll always be your biggest fan, 
and you know that you can do anything 
that you set your mind to! 
I'll always be here for you little brother!! 
Love you Puc!! 


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