"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." -HDT

Who Are They?

If there's anyone you need to know, 
it's these two. 

We Are: 
*considered to be The Three Stooges
*The "three best friends that anyone's every had"
*brother and sisters in Christ 
*brother and sisters by choice

He Is:
*Nate the Great 
* our token German boy
* a Godly man with a passionate love for people 
* an amazing brother and best friend 
* likes to cook and plays the cello 
* forgiving and silly 
* one of kind and always getting us into trouble 
* too adventurous for his own good 
* unafraid of the unknown
* always growing and seeking more in life.

We Were: 
established on November 3, 2009 

She Is: 
*Mary-Beth aka MB 
* Godly girl who loves the Lord with all her heart
*always feisty but a mother at heart 
* a beautiful sister and incredible best friend
* a token Japanese girl 
* always sacrificing for the one's she loves 
* takes care of people before her to-do list 
* honorary roadtrip navigator 
* a singer and piano player 
* protective and fun loving 

We Were: 
established on February 27, 2010

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