"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." -HDT

Thursday, July 29, 2010


As of 3:00 this afternoon, I'm officially an english and writing major! Praise God!!!! :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Now We're Talking!

Anyone who takes classic literature
and sticks it on a t-shirt is my friend. 

I could care less of this is a guys shirt, 
I want it, 
I need it, 
I have to have it. 
Thank you Urban Outfitters, 
thank you! 

facebook fast fail.

So I suck at facebook fasting, let's just face it. And because of that, I've had to convince myself that Facebook is literally the devil. Why you ask? 
The seven deadly sins: 

Lust: how many times have you stalked the profile 
of the one you're "in love with" on facebook.

Gluttony: think of all that time you've spent on facebook
when you could be doing something way more productive. 

Greed: How many more friends can we get, how many more photos
of ourselves can we post, how many ways can we shove our lives 
into someone else's face? 

Laziness: This just speaks for itself...

Wrath: When something on someone's facebook page, 
or someone on facebook, just sets you off
and you feel the need to write awful, 
terrible things on facebook about this person. 

Envy: all those times we envy someone's life
due to what they post on facebook. 

Pride: Statuses about how amazing our lives, 
(or awful...) but really, who needs to boost 
themselves on their own internet lives? 
And for Christians, I think this is our biggest one. 
We spend a lot of time talking about how amazing 
we all are as Christians, even though sometimes, 
we don't really mean to, 
it's still an issue. 

Now, this is not to attack anyone, because if this is the case, I'm totally guilty of these. But this is just how I have to convince myself, to stay off facebook, or just stay very, communication reasons only, limited. I really need to work on relying on God and not relying on other people. Just a thought. 


Quarter Life Crisis (still in the works.)

My quarter life crisis is still in the works my friends. 
Now that I'm getting used to it, 
I guess it's not nearly as bad as it first was.

I've been doing a lot of this lately ^^
Thanks to Nate and this lovely post-it note 
reminder he made me, I'm constantly remembering to do this: 
Stop, breathe, count to 3, if you get to 3 
and it hits again, you don't have to stop, 
you can count to 10. 
And this really does work in case you're wondering.  
It calms the mind, something I really need to do, 
especially when costumers start yelling at me about coupons
(that they've already used may I add, 
I'll remember this woman!)
 or when I totally just stress myself out by over-thinking things. 

Speaking of calm, 
I broke down and bought a yoga mat. 
I'm also taking self defense classes with MB 
in the fall. 
Anger management much? 

I'm also ready to be here in a month.

and be back with these kids, having adventures, 
cooking on Saturday nights, taking road trips, 
going to CRU and church together, 
laughing all night, crying all night, 
dancing in the parlor, and sitting by the creek, 
you know the drill. 
all in 21 days. 
Speed up August. 

I'm ready for this girl to come home, 
like for real. She's in Connecticut and 
I'm in North Carolina and texts just aren't cutting it. 
Counting down until I get to see her and 
we get to go on our epic Greensboro adventure together 
I'm glad she's going to closer than last year, 
yay for Ally at UNCG in the spring! 

In honor of this quarter life crisis, 
I took up the fact I have ovaries of steel, 
and finally convinced myself to get my ears pierced again. 
I didn't even flinch. Boo ya.
 Now just to get my nose pierced with Ally, 
and go with Zach to get his tattoo. 
(I'm too much of a wimp to get one myself) 

I bought this amazing Iota tote, slapped on some buttons, 
and sewed in some pockets the other day. 
It's organic, made of jute, and big enough to hold all my junk. 
Best of all, I'm helping the planet...
I take that back, 
best of all, if I'm ever lost in the dessert,
I can eat this bag. Just saying. 

currently reading Eat Pray Love, 
totally in love with it and all it's glory, 
Julia Roberts is in the movie, 
which will probably make it even better.
Besides, I think Elizabeth Gilbert is my other half. 

which is why Mrs. Rankin gave me this, 
the sequel to Eat Pray Love.  
Hooray for good books, 
and elementary teachers (and friends) 
who still care.

I got this amazing Vera Bradley Bible cover the other day, 
best 15 bucks I've spent in awhile!!

and my mother gave me her old Polaroid 600 camera! 
However, they no longer make polaroid film, 
so I have to buy film from The Impossible Project  instead. 
I'm looking forward to taking this baby out for a spin...
that is if I can find cheap film first. 
So if any of you dear friends, have a connection 
to cheap polaroid film, please hook me up? 

totally, madly, in love with this CD. 

Also, I'm past my Real Housewives of New Jersey kick, 
now I'm into Grey's Anatomy reruns on Lifetime. 
Even though they're killing off Izzy. 
Not to happy about that one. 

So tell me loves, 
what's been going on in your lives? 


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Bread Boy

My life has been crashing down around me recently and I've felt that there's been no hope for anything anymore.  God has been sending me little messages that literally say "do not worry."
The other day I bought a ring that says:
Phil 4:6 -Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  
(because we all know that I have a big worry problem, I had to purchase it.)
When I got home that night, I had an email from K-love, a Christian radio station. The email contained the daily Bible verse and it happened to be Phil 4:6. Talk about God moment, first one I've had in awhile.  Along with this, I've had texts from MB that just says "stop worrying", emails from Dayspring store advertising merchandise and stories about worry, and over 15 books from Oma about healing and anxiety. 
Although, all these signs kept popping up,  I still went into work rather upset yesterday.  I just recently decided to change my major, my health is a rollercoaster, Zach is lost in a pit of depression, I still haven't heard from Nate (although my brother has, but that's another story, one which indicates that all is well between us and I should not worry, although I do it anyway,) and MB was acting strange. I felt things were disjointed and I couldn't get back into the groove of life. The anxiety had taken over all my thoughts and I had lost sight of my trust in God. That was until a boy about 12 came up to me and asked me to show him where to get the white bread. I took him to isle 11 and pointed out where he can find what he needed.  A few minutes later he came through my line ready to check out. Our conversation went something like this: 
Me: I hope you found what your mother wanted. 
Boy: Yes, ma'am. This is exactly what she needed, thank you so much for your help.
Me: Well, that's what I'm here for, to help kids like you find their groceries. (I then handed him his change)
Boy: Thank you so much ma'am. I'll pray for you and hope you have a blessed day! 
Me: You have no idea how much it means to me to hear a kid your age say that. 
Boy: Well, ma'am, I'm a Christian, I'm not ashamed of my faith and I think everyone should know that Jesus loves them and so do I. That's what my faith is all about. 
Me: You truly have made my day so much better.  I want you to know that I'm a Christian too and what you just told me has given me hope again. Thank you so much.

When the boy walked away with his bread,  I turned around and knelt down beside my register with tears streaming down my face.  This was the hope I needed, the messenger that God sent to me to tell me that He loved me and was going to take care of me.  A little boy and his bread, as simple as one little kid can be, he was the one, the one who guided me back to the light. Kiddo, thank you for that, for being honest with your faith.  

"How can I love, without grace?
Shine a light on Your face,
If you're real, then show me now,
Who you are" 

-Glass Pear

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Summer is almost over! Can you believe it?
The gang and I move back into school in less than a month, what in the world?
With summer came ice cream, oceans, pictures, friends, and best of all roadtrips, which if you've been reading my blog, already know all about.
Traveling is what we love best and I'm super pumped to see what roadtrips and adventures God is going to have for us this fall.
What's being planned?
A girl's weekend with MB to Lake Gaston in September!
and a fall weekend spent in Boone at Oma and Opa's, with MB and Nate!
hopefully the leaves will be beautiful,
the apples will be perfect,
and Tweetsie will be running it's haunted train ride.
Can't wait to get us all together again.

After being in Boone yesterday, I've realized just how much I miss those gorgeous mountains and my amazing grandparents.  They talked about how much they missed the three of us much and can't wait to see our faces and hear our Godly words again. And let me tell ya, we've missed them just as much, if not even more!!
Nate sent Oma and Opa a message through me yesterday saying:
"Ich vermisse euch mit mein ganze Herz! Ich will ihr wierdersehen schon!"
translation according to a very tearful Oma:
"I miss you with all my heart, and can't wait to see you again!"

Oh, to all be back together with these amazing people, it will be an incredible weekend indeed!
Fall in the mountains starts in October but I can hardly wait!  And on a side note, did you know that Boone means blessings? Funny how true that statement really is.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"I have always responded with breathless excitement to anyone who has ever said that God does not live in a dogmatic scripture or in a distant throne in the sky, but instead abides very close to us indeed—much closer than we can imagine, breathing right through our own hearts." -Eat Love Pray

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ramble. Ramble. Ramble.

Well my friends, I don't know where to start, truly I don't.
So I suppose I should start with letting you in on a little secret, I think I'm having a quarter life crisis, yes a quarter life crisis, and I'm afraid it's among the most terrifying things I've ever dealt with.  My emotions are running high, like out the roof high, worse though, so are my hormones, which is never good.
I'm way on edge and probably driving everyone around me absolutely insane. I'm surprised MB is even speaking to me after the depressing, four-nights-in-a-row conversations with me crying for no reason. So let me start the jumble of junk that's been bobbing around my head the past few days.

  • So my latest guilty pleasure is watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, it makes my life look so normal! It's terrible, I know, but I can't help it. 
  • So the second family is having some unresolved issues. I woke up the other morning with the cruel realization that I'm never going to get to be normal and most normal people are never going to understand me.  This is all thanks to my ovaries of steel, aka the ovaries that hate me and don't work properly. So thank you PCOS, for causing multiple breakdowns, angry outbursts, and random panic attacks over the past week. I blame you, ovaries of steel, I blame you! However, MB keeps reminding me that this is the way I was made and that's why the people who love me actually love me.  So I guess because I'm a work of art made my God, I cannot hate myself the way most people would.  Although I have come pretty close. Zach has attempted to keep me sane although he's having problems as well. We're good at balancing each other out in times like this since we're both emotional wrecks. Alex and Corbin are off roaming their own little world, coming back to rescue me on my really bad mornings.  I feel like we're all out trying to figure out who we are, and we're all failing miserably. I think I've done something to cause Nate to ignore me? I say that as a question because I don't know if that's actually the case.  Zach tells me that because Nate and I are brother and sister, we have to love each other unconditionally, but also hate each other at least 60% of the time we spend together. After some prayer, I decided last night that I guess I shouldn't be too worried about Nate "unloving" me or kicking me to the curb because we've been through much worse, however, it still annoys and hurts me to no end to feel like I've done something wrong when I actually haven't (at least I think.) But then again if anything is going to hold this family together, it's gonna be God, and I just have to keep telling myself that. I get really tired of feeling like I dissapoint people, like I have really high expectations and everything, I also get tired of apologizing in general because I know it makes things worse most of the time.  MB kept me on the phone for 3 hours last night trying to keep me calm, sending me Bible verses to get me through the night. It's so funny how you can be perfectly happy then all the sudden God brings you to this point where the sky is falling and waves are crashing and you can't breathe, it's like your lost, but your not. I keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but the more I try to reach for it, it gets farther away.  I suppose this time, is actually supposed to be God's time. I pray He'll get me safely to that light of happiness again. But for now, we'll just learn from the journey to the end. 
  • My brother has been acting strange, as if he knows something that I don't. I take that back, more like doesn't have a clue what's going on.  I'm saying this from the standpoint that he's acting stranger than usual. Which of course the broken ankle is probably not helping much. I feel bad because he doesn't understand why I'm upset all the time or why he had to delete certain people off facebook, but it's hard for me to explain it to him. I don't want to hurt him anymore than I have to. 
  • Part of my quarter-life crisis has been saving the world from the comfort of my own home. I went out and bought Eat Love Pray the other day.  I really think Elizabeth Gilbert is like my long lost twin who happens to be much older than me. So many of the thoughts that she has put on paper has run through my head at least once.  I also bought an organic Iota tote, made of jute, best 20 bucks I've ever spent, seriously! I took up yoga and meditative praying yesterday morning, it's been rather rejuvenating to say the least (also kind of sore as well, but worth it.) I'm also trying my best to drink out of my camelback and not out of plastic bottles, that's still a major work in progress though...
  • I've decided that my quiet time needs to be focused on one topic at a time, sometimes even the same thing two days in a row. Everytime I read the Bible I feel like the way it's written changes. I want to get all I can out of what I'm reading, I mean I've read the Great Gatsby over eight times and I always seem to miss or forget something. I think the Bible should be same, read it until it hits you, that beautiful smack in the face, when you really get it and you can really apply it to your life.  
  • I'm fasting from my facebook fast, yeah, I know, sue me okay? But really, I only have 53 followers on Twitter and over 1,000 friends on facebook.  When I really need prayer, where do you think I'm gonna go to get the most prayer, not twitter (although I still ask on there as well.) So until this depression departs my heart, facebook will be intact. 
  • If you've read this far, I congratulate you, I've hardly had the attention span to write all that's been on my mind. Thank you for reading this far my beautiful readers! 
  • My addiction to Bones is horrible, so is that fact they referenced Sailor Moon on today's episode and I got all giddy inside. 
  • I keep having nightmares, last nights was about ninja cats. 
  • I have an appointment with Diana Carter to look into changing my major this Thursday, prayers for a good decision would be awesome please!! 
  • Work today was interesting? I tweeted that I wished Lowes Foods would stop playing the country remakes of my 80's music. They tweeted me back saying their sorry and they hope the remakes aren't too bad. Win or fail? I also checked out the band parent who flipped on me at a football game for "losing" her sons uniform hanger (I was the band captain and the uniform room coordinator.) She told her son to steal someone else's hanger, so then someone else stole another person's hanger, and so and so on, causing a large group of angry kids wanting to know where their hangers were.  Apparently this was all my fault and she came down to yell at me. Great memory, oh yeah! Well, today I checked her out and her strawberries fell off the counter.  I really just wanted to duck and cover, but I distracted her with much horror stories of dropped fruit in the store until Shawn could get a new box of berries for her, close call. Thank goodness she was my last customer of the night. 
  • Tomorrow I go to Boone! So excited to get out town, get to the mountains, and see my amazing grandparents!! 
So I believe that is all of my ramblings for the night. What crazy stuff has happened in your lives recently? 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

There Is No Me Without You

Finally I've been reunited with my second family, 
my brothers and sister in Christ, 
my best friends by choice, 
and the loves of my life. 
What a fabulous three days we spent roaming between
Asheboro, Sanford, and Durham
with the six of us back together again
and happier than ever to be in each other's company. 
How I've missed these kids.

MB came in Wednesday night 
and we headed off to Sanford 
with Alex and Corbin to meet up with 
Nate and Zach the next morning. 
We got to town a little earlier than expected 
and went up to the train park 
before meeting the guys at La Vita Dolce.  
Hooray for acting like children again! 

We headed to La Dolce Vita for lunch. 
Remember those gifts I mentioned in an earlier blog? 
Well they finally got to open them and were super 
happy with the result.
 I got MB random little goodies, 
along with a cross (the same one I got for Nate too) 
that says,  Love One Another. 
All three of us have this cross because it's the basis of 
our Bible verse; John 13- 34-35. 

Nate got a Hunchback of Notre Dame puppet 
(which stole the tip and helped Zach unwrap his gift)
I don't think I've ever seen Nate so excited before,
good gift choice :) 
Zach's birthday present was an Argentina 
Fifa World Cup jacket, even though it's over now. 
But still he loved it and that's the most important thing. 
Late birthday celebrations never get old. 

After lunch we headed out on the town for adventures.  
We walked up to the abandoned train station, 
where everyone decided to climb over the locked gate 
to get to the roof.  We attempted to find an entrance into the station, 
but couldn't find an unlocked door or window, 
but there's always next time!
(even though it's probably illegal) 
Old building hunting will forever be a favorite past time. 

I'm so grateful that when God was writing out 
our lives, He made us cross paths. 
It's a beautiful thing when your best friends 
become your family and nothing is better 
than knowing that no mater how embarrassing you are, 
or how stupid you may be, nothing will ever come 
between you and your family. 
No greater love than this, friends. 
The fact that our relationship is built on God, 
gives me hope that if anything is going to hold this
family together, it's gonna be our Father. 

We headed to Southpoint, 
danced in public places, 
watched the boys shop
while MB and I sat outside, 
spilt salsa on ourselves, 
explored Urban Outfitters, 
faced fog and storms on backroads, 
ate homemade ice cream, 
got whistled at late at night, 
and climbed onto the roof of the train,
 in the dark with ice cream in hand. 
And no one went to the hospital. 
Very successful day for our group! 

MB and I went to the local German restaurant, 
in downtown Asheboro, the next day for lunch. 
Hooray for schnitzel and real potato salad! 
And I love my wonderful friendship 
bracelet that MB made for me :)  

MB and I had a girls afternoon 
and hit up the local antique shops and art galleries.  
We visited an awesome gallery 
consisting of all things made of duct tape.  
The evening was wrapped up with homemade ice cream 
from the local creamery and life talks in the car. 

It's hard to believe these few days are already over, 
but only 30 more days before we're back at school, 
together again! 
I'm so beyond blessed that God put 
MB, Nate, Zach, Alex, and Corbin in my life.  
I wouldn't trade my family for anyone else in the world. 
They are the sunshine on my rainy day, 
  and the love that keeps me strong. 

"Nothing but Heaven itself is better than a friend
who is really a friend"- Plautus


I was talking to Nate last night on the phone when he told me that he had done some research and discovered that Capitalism is the most Biblical form of government.  We have a running joke about Communism being the best form of government because Nate has always considered himself communist.  Nate even convinced my brother, Patrick, to change his name to something more communist, like Pavik (and Patrick then became Pavik on facebook, and Nate was proud.)

After Nate told me he had decided that he considered himself a capitalist and not a communist, he insisted that I didn't tell Patrick.  When I told him I wouldn't because it would break his heart to know Nate changed from his Russian beliefs, Nate told me that he actually didn't want to tell Patrick because communism is what the two of them first bonded over.  My brother wants to be a history major and knows A LOT about the second world war. Patrick and Nate would bicker over historical facts about communism. Nate told me that Patrick's knowledge for history is exciting and he wouldn't want to break up their conversations.  It makes me happy that Nate and Patrick get along as well as they do. Their brotherly love gives me hope. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Monday, July 12, 2010

I Look Like A Moose

I was going through my photobooth photos last night 
and found this amazing video 
that Ally had left for me way back in January.  
I promised her I would upload it, so here it is :)


My mind keeps turning over the last two days' events.  I've been stressed... so stressed that I almost blew a cash register up at work yesterday, and that my friends, takes a lot of talent.  So for all you moms out there, never bring me a wic tender and expect it to be done right, something will end up catching on fire or someone will end up crying, never fails.  I already gave MB this threat and she just laughed at me saying that it take a lot of talent to blow up a cash register... but I almost did it, I can defy gravity.

My brother is trapped in the house with a broken ankle... you can just imagine what that's been like...

Yesterday in church we were told that even if we were die hard Carolina fans (which I am), and an NC State fan was hurt on the side of the road, even he is our neighbor and we must help him.  I think I was the only one who laughed.  It would have been better if Pastor had said Duke, then I would have really laughed.

I swear I think my brain is at least 70% song lyrics.

And The Closer marathon cancelled my back to back to back to back episodes of Bones tonight. Why TNT, why must you betray me this way. I wait 6 nights a week for Monday night, and you cancel it? Fail.

However, through this mess, God calmed me down today.
I have someone from my past who won't leave me be, I'm hoping they'll eventually figure out the reason for me ignoring their texts and phone calls.  I also have an elusive German boy who managed to turn his phone into chopped suey, aka Nate who broke his phone and forgot to tell me.  Thus I had to break the facebook fast in order to get a hold of him to confirm Thursday's plans.
 But all is well, because right before Nate actually got back to me, my amazing facebook app "God Wants You To Know" told me that if I trust God in times that I'm concerned that things won't work out, they actually will work out.  It's all about finding the faith to trust in God.
And lookey there, 15 minutes later I get a message from Nate, explaining what happened and proclaiming that he would send me a carrier pigeon to keep in touch with me.  So things are on for Thursday with the second family and I can hardly contain my excitement. I just hope my cat doesn't eat this so called carrier pigeon...

I have finished wrapping Nate and MB's "I missed you and can't wait to actually give you hugs" gifts. I'll tell you what's inside when I know they won't read this.  I also finished wrapping Zach's waaaaaaay late on multiple levels, Birthday present. I really can't wait to see my amazing best friends.  MB, Nate, Zach, Alex, and Corbin, all together again!  Basically counting down the days to get to Sanford, never thought I'd say that about Sanford.  And I'm beyond excited for MB coming to live with me for three days.  Come on Wednesday! 

This is my newest project to keep my mind off things, I have no idea what color I want to paint it or if I want to do any fun designs, but I'm excited and already know where I'm going to put it in the dorm room. Move-in is so close, and I still have to meet up with my consoler about changing my major, next year is going to be weird, let's see what God has in store.

This is my recent goal: 
to actually finish Three Cups of Tea
I think I've tried to read this at least 5 times, 
but never have I actually finished due to other distractions. 
So this is my life right now, 
read this book,
learn how to help the world, 
and drink hot tea every night... 
even if it's 90 degrees outside. 

And finally I watched this episode of Bones, the finale of Season 4, The Beginning of the End.  I straight up cried like a baby.  Such an amazing episode and the narration at the end of the episode kills me: 

"When you love someone, you open yourself up to suffering. That's the sad truth. Maybe they'll break your heart, maybe you'll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself in the same way. Those are the risks. That's the burden. Like wings, they have weight, we feel that weight on our backs, but they are a burden that lifts us. Burdens that allow us to fly." 

Let's just quote what my heart has been feeling exactly, oh gracious.  Friends, if you already haven't, go watch this. You won't be disappointed. 

Well loves, I leave you with these musings, though they don't really make much sense, I'm sure.  It's been a typical Monday. How was your weekend? Any adventures? 

Happy Almost Tuesday! 

Love and Be Loved

Saturday, July 10, 2010


From the book; 
Perks of Being a Wallflower

image found via twitter


 when I get really anxious or nervous about something, 
I obsessively clean or work on things. 
It's probably because I can't control the people or issue 
that's around me, so I feel the need to control what I can, 
that typically being the objects of the room I'm in.  

So because it's been such a tough past week, 
my room as been especially spoiled. 
All the projects I planned on working on over the course of the summer 
actually ended up being done over the course of a week. 
At least I'll be ready for MB and Nate's visits coming up this month :)

so here's my first project, 
the attempt to dust, rehang the crystals, 
and install a light in this chandler that's been hanging 
by a literal hanger in my room for years. 
I'm super excited about this one, 
it looks lovely hanging above my window, 
now that it actually works. 

second project being the once was gold light-switch plate. 
I'm not a fan of gold, I'm more of a silver girl. 
And this actually wasn't even the original light plate in my room, 
it was a glow in the dark unicorn...
(don't judge, I haven't redone my room in eight years...) 
I love this purple behind the silver detailing 
in comparison to the gold and bronze with the metallic background.
Slowly my room is looking like me 
instead of the Sailor Moon lover in 5th grade. 

by far my favorite project yet! 
Basically I bought cork planter bottoms from 
the garden section of Lowes Hardware and turned them into 
circular cork boards. 
I love the modernism design that the circles give off, 
compared to the typical cork squares. 
Loved decorating them too, 
with old photos, post it notes, and souvenirs from my travels. 

(haha oh and p.s. 
as I'm writing this, 
my brother just literally had a heart-attack
while watching the Germany game, 
okay maybe not literally, 
but it was close enough. 
I would really hate to see Nate right now, 
he's like ten times worse than Patrick.)

yay for cute butterflies that I didn't have to pay for! 
These can be found in Area in downtown Greensboro 
and every other modern furniture store around. 
But I lucked up enough to find the original 1970's designs
 in my grandpa's house, scooped them up, 
painted them silver and hung them up with my art deco light sconce. 
Three cheers for recycling! 

The once empty, big gold frame, from our garage 
 has become a silver scrapbook page frame, 
filled with memories of the second family, 
 vintage cut outs, Skirt! clippings,  and Bible verses 
that describe us best. 
Love has the final word.

this wasn't a project, 
more like a reward. 
This mod four dollar trashcan makes me smile, 
I love it!  
And love turning trash into treasure. 

Next project: 
Wooden frame with mirror and key hooks
for the dorm room! 

how are your little projects going my creative friends? 

Beach Bums.

We're back from the beach, 
all tan and light haired. 

On the way to the beach we passed through South of the Border, 
this sign made me laugh out loud. 
Love it! 

Oh the beauty of the ocean, 
this is where I feel at home, 
near water. 
It was so beautiful while we were down there,
quite lucky that it was as pretty as it was! 

The family outside our hotel, 
loving Patrick's boot,
 poor kid. 

my lovely parents :)

the only way I'll ever be taller is to stand on a curb, 
but even then... 
I'm not actually any taller, 
sad day. 

how's your summers been friends? 

August Rush.

"I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales" 

August Rush was just on Lifetime,
and how could I keep myself from watching it for the twentieth time?
I couldn't,
so here are my thoughts.

  • Homeless kids break my heart, I just want to scoop them all up and take them home. 
  • It annoys me when things are filmed in New York and Chicago and you see the person running around, and they are in a totally different part of the city than the movie is actually implying they are. 
  • I remember the night Nate and I stayed up doing laundry in the laundry room and watched this movie while drawing architecture sketches. Such a good night.   
  • I've seen this movie over twenty times and still cry at the end. 
  • The music gives me chills.  CHILLS, every single time! 
  • August Rush gives me false hope that I can learn the piano in under 24 hours. 
  • It reminds me of the time that my childhood friend, Nash and I went on a triple date with our friends... it was supposed to be a double date but AJ and Thomas showed up so we  just considered it a triple date. Really awkward having to explain that one. 
  • Robin Williams' character in this movie really makes me dislike men, just saying. 
  • I should really practice the guitar more than I do. 
  • And learn to play the cello part to August Rhapsody on bassoon. 
  • Mostly this movie reminds me that music exceeds all boundaries and never fails at bringing people together.  That my friends, makes my heart sing with joy! 
  • And my favorite,  a reminder from Ally on her thoughts on Jonathan Rhys Meyers....

Friday, July 9, 2010


The other night, Nate and I were having a life talk via text.  In the middle of our intense God talk, Nate sends me the word: "frog."
"Frog? Are you mocking me or something?" was my response
and his response was,
"no, frog. F.R.O.G. Fully Rely on God. Frog? Get it?"
and I did get it,
it made all the sense in the world,
even though sometimes it's much harder to do than it seems.
He assured me that if I fully relied on God, then everyone and everything will be more than fine. Nate told me that there will be nothing to worry about because God would take care of it. Things would be just dandy, but I would have to trust that God would take care of it.
So I took Nate's advice, I fully relied on God.
But although this helped that night, when the morning rolled around and reality hit again, frogging was harder than I thought, especially once my emotions got in the way.

About the time I was over thinking the problems in my life my dad called me outside.
When I got out there he pointed at the back window of the car and sitting there, on the inside of my car, was a frog. No lie, I pretty little frog, a little reminder from God to fully rely on Him.  I could hardly contain my excitement and ran inside to call Nate as my dad rescued the little frog from the hot car.

I adore it when God sends me little reminders that things are going to be taken care of, like they always are.  So blessed that as a Christian, I can recognize the little gifts that God sends my way, this gift probably being the most unique (and cute) one I've had yet.

tell me friends, 
what little gifts have you gotten lately? 


Ol' Cold Days.

I love Spring 
I love Fall, 
and I love days like this,
hoodie and frisbee weather. 
but not days like today when I walk outside 
and my hair doubles in volume from humidity. 

I found this lovely picture 
of Nate and I 
in one of my photo albums 
and just had to share.  
oh the joys of our tech class, 
cool New York sunglasses, 
and weather that wasn't 101 degrees like it is now.  

I miss you early spring, 
come back soon? 


my toms are here, my toms are here, my toms are here!! 
and they are just what I wanted! 
And always a plus, and my main reason for buying a pair, 
I helped a child in need, 
and you all know how I feel about helping children. 
I highly suggest you buy a pair of TOMS
if you haven't already. 

and if you already have bought a pair, 
I would love for you to share your photos 
and toms stories with me! 


Summer Playlist.

The playlist that has gotten me through the hot

summer days, those cool starlite evenings, and those 
roll down the windows, gaze at the moon, 
and enjoy the smooth sounds, kind of nights.

  1. Sweet Disposition -The Temper Trap 
  2. Cobrastyle- Teddybears Stockholm 
  3. In the Sun- She&Him 
  4. Seen Enough- Dryer 
  5. More Time- Needtobreathe 
  6. Be Mine- Erik Hassle 
  7. Timelapse Lifeline - Maria Taylor 
  8. A Light on a Hill- Margot and the Nuclears 
  9. Heard it on the Radio- Bird and the Bee 
  10. Listening to the Weather- Bic Runga 
  11. Young Friend- Brooke Waggoner 
  12. The Best of What's Around- Dave Matthews Band 
  13. Make You Crazy- Brett Dennen 
  14. On The Safest Ledge - Copeland 
  15. Shoreline- Deas Vail   (who may I add are amazing in concert!!) 
  16. Disappear- The Gabe Dixon Band 
  17. Daylight- Matt and Kim 
  18. Set Free- Katie Gray 
  19. Just Let Go- Mae (also incredible in concert) 
  20. Never Too Late- Michael Franti and Spearhead 
  21. Keep On Tryin- Poco 
  22. Her Morning Elegance- Oren Lavie 
  23. Come Save- Sarah Reeves 
  24. Fearless- Cyndi Lauper 
  25. Sheets- Damien Jurado 
  26. Need You Now- Lady Antebellum 
  27. I Will Show You Love- Kendall Payne 
  28. You're Not Alone- Saosin 
  29. Lying in the Hands of God- Dave Matthews Band
  30. The Beauty of the Rain - Dar Williams and Chris Botti (who is beyond, out of this world, incredible in concert!) 
  31. Life is a Song- Patrick Park 
  32. Breathe- Alexi Murdoch


Euro Pride.

This postsecret, 
didn't make it into postsecret... 

but who ever made this,
I just want to say that 
I want to be your best friend. 

Bad Reed-Mance

I miss my studio, 
and all our Lady Gaga-ness.

"Bad Reedmance"
composed by Dr. Michael Burns


I'm about to send an email that might possibly change my entire life. 
but you know, 
sometimes you've gotta do, 
what you've gotta do.  
I refuse to be afraid of the future.
So here I go... 
pressing send, 
changing who I've been 
and becoming who I want to be. 

Dear Fear, 
My biggest mistake will be that I spent my whole life
afraid of making a mistake.  So I'm going to have to ask 
that you leave me, my dear fear, we had a lot of good times
together... well at least you did.,
but now we're done. 
Time for me to regain my life again. 
Let's go live. 

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