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Friday, July 9, 2010


The other night, Nate and I were having a life talk via text.  In the middle of our intense God talk, Nate sends me the word: "frog."
"Frog? Are you mocking me or something?" was my response
and his response was,
"no, frog. F.R.O.G. Fully Rely on God. Frog? Get it?"
and I did get it,
it made all the sense in the world,
even though sometimes it's much harder to do than it seems.
He assured me that if I fully relied on God, then everyone and everything will be more than fine. Nate told me that there will be nothing to worry about because God would take care of it. Things would be just dandy, but I would have to trust that God would take care of it.
So I took Nate's advice, I fully relied on God.
But although this helped that night, when the morning rolled around and reality hit again, frogging was harder than I thought, especially once my emotions got in the way.

About the time I was over thinking the problems in my life my dad called me outside.
When I got out there he pointed at the back window of the car and sitting there, on the inside of my car, was a frog. No lie, I pretty little frog, a little reminder from God to fully rely on Him.  I could hardly contain my excitement and ran inside to call Nate as my dad rescued the little frog from the hot car.

I adore it when God sends me little reminders that things are going to be taken care of, like they always are.  So blessed that as a Christian, I can recognize the little gifts that God sends my way, this gift probably being the most unique (and cute) one I've had yet.

tell me friends, 
what little gifts have you gotten lately? 



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