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Sunday, May 30, 2010


this is my life right now. 
we'll see what happens...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boone Roadtrip 2010: Seventh Stop: Headed Home and Various Side Trips

Seventh Stop: Headed Home and Various Side Trips

Picture 1: 
"Odd or Even!?" -Nate
"What does that mean?" -Anya
"I pull your hair out and you tell 
me if it's odd or even!" -Nate
"What?!?" -Anya

Picture 2: 
the beautiful sunset 
leaving the mountains

Picture 3: 
Clemens for Anya's first 
Zaxby's experience :D

and then we're on our way home after a 
few more stops for gas and milk shakes haha!

What a wonderful roadtrip this was! 
So blessed beyond measure to have 
this beautiful earth, my phenomenal God, 
amazing grandparents and two 
amazing best friends.  
Not a day goes by that I don't thank 
God for the opportunities, people, and experiences 
He has blessed me with! 

Boone Roadtrip 2010: Fifth and Sixth Stops- King Street and ASU

Fifth and Sixth Stops-
 King Street and ASU

Picture 1: 
I love the fact that King Street 
has public art everywhere :)
"Oh look, that's just like the three of us!" -Anya
"I wanna be that one!!" -Nate
"I was thinking more like Jesus 
symbolism but this works as well." -MB

Picture 2: 
Yo, Yosef! 

Picture 3: 
Love this photo! 
Explorations <3

Picture 4: 
Nate and the graffiti tunnel 
at Appalachian State University

Picture 1: 
Why no, we did not break into the music building
or allow Nate to harass, Ms. Bones, 
the skeleton we found in the 
Alexander Technique room.  
It was true love for those two.

Picture 2: 
Nate's in this picture... 
we just stuffed him in the locker. 

Picture 3: 
told ya. 
since we can't be this crazy at our own 
school of music in Greensboro, 
we have to do when we're 3 hours away

Picture 4: 
Family :)
(minus Ms. Bones)

Next Post: Seventh Stop: Headed Home and Various Side Trips

Boone Roadtrip 2010: Fourth Stop- Oma and Opa's House!!

Fourth Stop- Oma and Opa's House!! 
"You may worry about me leaving 
but if you buy me an accordion, 
I'll never leave you!" -Nate

Picture 1: 
My favorite thing to see,
the German Welcome that's painted 
above the entrance of Oma and Opa's house

Picture 2: 
Nate and I with Oma. 
These two are the glue that hold my heart together.

Picture 3: 
There's a frame at Oma and Opa's house that 
contains two photos of Oma's nun friends
 and if you look at the pictures a certain way you 
can see the face of Jesus in them. We took a picture 
last year on my computer of the Jesus 
photo and His face came out crystal clear, 
here we have Nate showing Opa 
the picture on my computer. 

Picture 4: 
Oma's and Opa's amazing lunch they made for us.  
Oh, German food, how I've missed you! 

Picture 1: 
A trip to Oma and Opa's is not complete
without pulling out the accordion. 
I've never seen Nate so happy before! 

Picture 2: 
Opa, the accordion master, 
 teaching Mary-Beth, the piano major,
 the basics of the accordion. 

Picture 3: 
trips to Oma and Opa's house always 
promise really amazing talks about 
God, life, and Germany. The food is 
amazing and yes, accordions are awesome, 
but when you leave, 
you're soul is refreshed 
with wisdom from Oma and Opa, 
and that's the best blessing we could have.

Picture 1: 
Oma and her German boy :)

Picture 2: 
My beautiful grandmother and I. 
I would not be who I am, without her. 

Picture 3: 
Cheese and Crackers, I'm just like my Opa <3

Picture 4: 
Opa was having some issues 
working the camera haha

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Boone Roadtrip 2010: Third Stop- Moses Cone

Third Stop- Moses Cone

Picture 1: 
Blowing Rock to see the Moses Cone 
mansion and property. 
"Hey Maybell, did you lock your car?"

Picture 2: 
According to Oma and Nate, 
this looks just like southern Germany :)

Picture 3: 
"Moses Cone, like the hospital?" -Nate
"Well this is their mansion, same family 
who built the hospital in Greensboro though. 
But he's dead now." -Anya
"Oh. Okay." -Nate

Picture 4: 
Moses Cone is now a hotspot for local art :)

Picture 1: 
such a beautiful house with an amazing view! 

Picture 2: 
"Because you're the greatest thing about me"

Picture 3: 
At the rose Arboretum. 
We let Nate pick a trail on the 
property for us to walk, 
and we ended up here along with a 
nasty smelling horse barn, 
a cool stone bridge, 
and beautiful rolling hills. 
And I also managed to get my hair 
stuck on one of the branches haha

Picture 4: 
view from the sun room of the mansion.

Next Post: Fourth Stop- Oma and Opa's House!! 

Boone Roadtrip 2010: Second Stop- Raven Rock Overlook

Second Stop- Raven Rock Overlook

Picture 1: 
"Guys I think that fence is there for a reason..." -MB

Picture 2: 
We came for an adventure, 
so of course we're going to go over the fence 
so we could rockclimb, haha

Picture 3: 
Aside from the dangerous rocks, 
beautiful view!
"Climb every mountain, forge every stream, 
follow every rainbow, until you find your dream."

Picture 4:
and we will gladly perch ourselves on this big rock
 and let Nate do the intense exploring

Next Post: Third Stop- Moses Cone

Boone Roadtrip 2010: First Stop- Grandview Overlook

First Stop- Grandview Overlook

Picture 1: 
Our first stop on the Parkway was Grandview Overlook! 
So excited to get to the mountains! 

Picture 2: 
The heavens declare the glory of the Lord. 
The skies proclaim the work of His hands!

Picture 3: 
Wildflowers were everywhere, another reason to love this parkway! 

Picture 4: 
Nate "tweeting" the view, it makes me laugh. 

Next Post: Second Stop: Raven Rock Overlook

Boone Roadtrip 2010: Let the Journey Begin

And we're off! 

Picture 1: 
while MB was getting her brakes fixed for the trip we decided to just go ahead and walk to Target to get trip food... this involved walking through a field, through the woods, down some train tracks, and under a fence... However it was completely worth it for brakes and wind shield wipers.

Picture 2:
 Windows rolled down, music blaring, fully stocked car, and to the mountains we go!

Picture 3: 
and Nate asleep in the back seat with the cowboy hats...

Next Post: First Stop- Grandview Overlook


finally after recovering a crashed camera,
we're ready to share our journey to Boone.  

This will be a multiple post blog. 
Each blog describing our different stops, 
so keep your eyes peeled for new posts :) 

next post: let the journey begin!

Show Off.

This is my not so little,
 "little" brother.
He's 14, with a size 14 shoe, and he's 6'5''? 
Carolina here we come? 
I think so.


because that's what He is too.

Let's Go Here.

flashback for real.

in 1985, this was probably true...

sneaky sneaky

My brother is finishing his last year of middle school. I can't believe he's going to be in high school next year! My goodness! This tall kid who plays basketball obviously, also rocks him some trombone and has made All-District and All-County this year (and we're praying for Honors Wind Ensemble his freshman year of high school...)

His last middle school band concert happened to be the night before my musicology final so my parents assumed I wouldn't be able to drive back home to see his concert.  But I know better than that, and since he was up for the band directors award (the same one I got in middle school) I just had to be there. So Mary-Beth and I packed up the car with notes and books and headed home to see Patrick's concert. And it was worth it, seeing his reaction when he saw me come surprise him and seeing him win the award! So proud of my "little" brother! 

Patrick and Mrs. Butler... they're both standing up by the way. 

my lovely and surprised family after the concert :)

was, is, and is to come.

don't tell God how big your storm is, 
tell the storm how big your God is.

I Know What Love Is




"Gatsby believed in the green light, 
the orgiastic future that year by year 
recedes before us. It eluded us then,
 but that's no matter--
tomorrow we will run faster, 
stretch out our arms farther...
And one fine morning--
So we beat on, boats against the current,
 borne back ceaselessly into the past." 

"Whenever you feel like criticizing any one...
just remember that all the people in this world 
haven't had the advantages that you've had."

I believe in rereading the classics... 
and learning from them too.

[photos via flikr]

Tis True

Love is a Song

spice of life.

I can't wait for summer adventures 
with Nate and MB. 

Tell me, 
what are your plans for sunny days? 


this is something that I've been 
struggling with in the past. 
But for the first time in my life, 
I know for certain 
that I am never alone. 
And neither are you. 


It's not the same as seeing it in real life, but it's close enough.  Take in the beauty and take of virtual tour of this amazing place!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exam Crumbs

Nate, MB, and I spent another night in the library. 
This time with assistance of coconut tarts 
to get us through a night of musicology. 

start time: 9:30 pm

end time: 2:00 am


My musicology paper is turned in! Praise the Lord! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Day!

This is Oma's flower :) 

this time tomorrow, 
we'll be in Boone, 
can I get a hoorah!?

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