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Saturday, July 10, 2010

August Rush.

"I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales" 

August Rush was just on Lifetime,
and how could I keep myself from watching it for the twentieth time?
I couldn't,
so here are my thoughts.

  • Homeless kids break my heart, I just want to scoop them all up and take them home. 
  • It annoys me when things are filmed in New York and Chicago and you see the person running around, and they are in a totally different part of the city than the movie is actually implying they are. 
  • I remember the night Nate and I stayed up doing laundry in the laundry room and watched this movie while drawing architecture sketches. Such a good night.   
  • I've seen this movie over twenty times and still cry at the end. 
  • The music gives me chills.  CHILLS, every single time! 
  • August Rush gives me false hope that I can learn the piano in under 24 hours. 
  • It reminds me of the time that my childhood friend, Nash and I went on a triple date with our friends... it was supposed to be a double date but AJ and Thomas showed up so we  just considered it a triple date. Really awkward having to explain that one. 
  • Robin Williams' character in this movie really makes me dislike men, just saying. 
  • I should really practice the guitar more than I do. 
  • And learn to play the cello part to August Rhapsody on bassoon. 
  • Mostly this movie reminds me that music exceeds all boundaries and never fails at bringing people together.  That my friends, makes my heart sing with joy! 
  • And my favorite,  a reminder from Ally on her thoughts on Jonathan Rhys Meyers....


Annah said...

HAHAHA! I remember seeing that! We decided that Thomas and AJ were the gay couple..

oh man. Good times :]

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