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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

facebook fast fail.

So I suck at facebook fasting, let's just face it. And because of that, I've had to convince myself that Facebook is literally the devil. Why you ask? 
The seven deadly sins: 

Lust: how many times have you stalked the profile 
of the one you're "in love with" on facebook.

Gluttony: think of all that time you've spent on facebook
when you could be doing something way more productive. 

Greed: How many more friends can we get, how many more photos
of ourselves can we post, how many ways can we shove our lives 
into someone else's face? 

Laziness: This just speaks for itself...

Wrath: When something on someone's facebook page, 
or someone on facebook, just sets you off
and you feel the need to write awful, 
terrible things on facebook about this person. 

Envy: all those times we envy someone's life
due to what they post on facebook. 

Pride: Statuses about how amazing our lives, 
(or awful...) but really, who needs to boost 
themselves on their own internet lives? 
And for Christians, I think this is our biggest one. 
We spend a lot of time talking about how amazing 
we all are as Christians, even though sometimes, 
we don't really mean to, 
it's still an issue. 

Now, this is not to attack anyone, because if this is the case, I'm totally guilty of these. But this is just how I have to convince myself, to stay off facebook, or just stay very, communication reasons only, limited. I really need to work on relying on God and not relying on other people. Just a thought. 



Hailey said...

Oh I know how you feel right here.

When people say they are addicted to it, its the honest truth. I had to delete mine over a year ago. I would be to caught up in seeing what everyone was doing and "stalking" almost everyone. I know its hard, but I promise it is the best thing to do. I have faith in you!

You can do it :)

Dawn said...

Get this for sure! I took 5 months off the ridiculous site;)...and what a sense of freedom!!! Another thing....what happens to true realtionship? The ones around me seem to get neglected more so when I sit in front of FB....(even blogging gets a little much for me:))
Thanks for your thoughts on this!
Hope you are having a "good day"....(prayers are with you my friend)

Anya said...

Tell me about it, I'm really enjoying my freedom now that I'm not tied down to a website to communicate with people. I think it helps with the personal relationship side things as well (and hooray for more time to blog now!)
Dawn, your prayers mean so much to me! Thank you for your sweet comment, friend!

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