"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." -HDT

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Nate just made my night when he sent me this picture. 

It makes me giggle, 
Love it! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's Up Buttercup?

So basically...

Atheists and Christians debated on our campus the other week. 
According to the atheists, the Bible claims 
there are unicorns in existence. 
They should probably read more translations 
than the King James Version. 
But it made me think of this dear blank please blank: 

But in regards to the debate,
there was no true winner. 
And although it was entertaining, 
nothing really good came out of it 
except for the 4 hours that Nate, MB, and I 
spent outside of the Spartan Market
talking about the debate and looking up legit arguments
in our Bibles. 

And hooray for being still considered a students of the 
school of music, even though it's not my major. 
And hooray for being allowed to give a jury 
and having MB play piano for my pieces! 

we found a rolling chair in the study lounge...
this is the result of that chair, 5 Capri Suns,
 and being up past midnight with the boys.

I went to Boone for my aunts baby shower two weekends ago 
(and we're heading right back!) 
my Oma is so beautiful! 

(most of) 
my entire family with a beautiful baby boy on the way! 
I can't believe it! 
Amanda's due date is a week before 
Nate, MB, and I go to Boone. 
Maybe we'll get lucky and the baby will want 
to meet us while we're all there. 
What a story that would be to tell the kids back home!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuesday LOVE

Although everyday of my week revolve around some form of ministry, Tuesday's are by far my favorite.  If there's anything besides Lawndale that I had missed this past summer, it's been Campus Crusade for Christ.  It's so wonderful to spend my Tuesday's nights praising our awesome God, enjoying amazing praise music, and joining in with my Cru family for Christian fellowship.  

Getting the word out around campus!
(if you go to UNCG, you should totally
come out and join us)

It's so refreshing to be surrounded by my 
Christian family throughout the week. 
And boy are we growing fast, 
and God is moving in such big 
ways among this group. 
It's such a blessing! 
Our God is big and moves in even bigger ways. 
Words can hardly describe, 
there's not a word big enough, long enough, 
or more descriptive enough to describe His glory. 
And there never will be word, 
nor should there ever be one. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Current Obsession.

It's like Queen meets the Format. But really.

God Has Perfect Timing

Although we're leaving for the Cru Fall Retreat today (woot woot!!) We've still had the yearning to get away from Greensboro/Asheboro. And as much as we love everyone here, certain things have just bogged my spirit down.
Last week, MB and I were talking about getting away from town, although neither of us expected our schedules to clear up in order to go anywhere. That is until God decided to step in last night :)
MB and Nate were supposed to go on a field trip next week, however the date changed for it. What are we doing instead? BOONE ROADTRIP!!!
I'm so excited to go visit my Oma and Opa with Nate and MB, words cannot describe. God has perfect timing, and He knows exactly what you need, when you it, and my friends, we all really needed this! So excited!! :D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Hormones

This past week has been a mess, medically and emotionally.
I'm crampy, moody, emotionally unstable, laughing at everything, crying at everything else, my mood swings are that of a pregnant menopausal women, and I really dislike the human race as of Thursday. And my doctor is running an underground vampire harvest... I mean really, 3 vials of blood for 2 tests? Something's up.

But on the upside of things,  I'm so blessed to have my two best friends.
When my hormones insist on having a party and my brain is freaking out as the result, they never fail to come to the rescue. MB armed with Ben and Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie ice cream and 500 Days of Summer, allowing me to do whatever needed to be done to feel human again (digesting sugar, not the best thing for me, but it was incredible at the time.) And then there's Nate who earlier in the night, accidentally knocked me up the steps trying to hug me...or was it a tackle? And continued to tell me that love hurts and as they picked me up and hugged me, while I remained stunned. But I know he had good intentions and at least MB tried to catch me.  However, after all that wreck of my emotional wants to cry at the Lawndale Orchestra and Choir Retreat, because they were playing A Baby Changes Everything. And the fact that when I can't hear myself think, I get a little freaked out. And between all that there was the insane high point where Mr. B, our orchestra director went on stage to rap about snow, my body was on complete remix from the confusion of emotions.
So what better way to end the night than to watch indie films past midnight with MB (even if we both fell asleep by the ending scene)? Except when all of your guy friends back in your dorm have gone home and you know for a fact, that Nate is asleep. But because it's dark and no one is on campus and you're desperate, you call Nate and anyway. And what does he do? Sleepily tell you he's on his way to pick you up in five minutes. Sweet, sweet, Nate. Sweet, let's me get away with anything, but still holds me accountable, MB.

I love how no matter what happens, no matter how upset or how much nonsense I'm talking, God still allows them to stay in my life. Blessed, so, so blessed.


Yozhik v tumane-Soyuzmultfilm Yuri Norstein (1975)

Nate shared this with me the other day (his love for hedgehogs still remains)
He is very much Yozhik, the go with the flow off in his own world, hedgehog.
I'm very much Yoho, the talkative and worrisome bear cup. 
It works well and this film is genius on so many levels.
So simple, so beautiful. So Russian. 

Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm so behind on blogging, be prepared for three big blogs coming up this week...
But for now, recent thoughts and random doings from the past week:

  1. The fact that Nate insists on holding my bassoon like a bazooka, makes me laugh, but also makes me extremely nervous at the same time. 
  2. I love the fact that MB and I go to the market with full intentions on grabbing food and doing homework... but it actually turns into a night of watching movie trailers and eating jello. 
  3. I will never get tired of study sessions with Nate and MB that are interrupted by God talk. It happens all the time but I'm alright with that. 
  4. Crunchy leaves on the ground = crunchy leaf hopping competition down the school of music bridge.
  5. Cru Fall Retreat is next weekend! And I was blessed enough to win a raffle for the scholarship. Can't wait for a weekend of fellowship and worship! 
  6. People amaze me... for all the wrong reasons. 
  7. North Spencer dorm insists on not replacing toilet paper. I'm not okay with that. So I took a permanent marker and wrote: "Dear Empty Toilet Paper Roll, we really must stop meeting this way. Kthanks, Anya" 
  8. Nate does things to make me happy that would probably make other people very unhappy. But I love him for it cause it really does make my day. 
  9. The fact that the Kingdom Come album made it on the itunes homepage makes me super excited. You HAVE to check this cd out! 
  10. Bones season 6 starts September 23rd, I can hardly contain myself! 
  11. I realized the other day that my weeks literally revolve around God, it pretty much makes my life. 
    1. Monday: morning prayer group 
    2. Tuesday: CRU 
    3. Wednesday: Lawndale 
    4. Thursday: Bible Study 
    5. Sunday: Lawndale 
  12. Dear Blank Please Blank is possibly the best website to ever happen to mankind.
  13. Happy Birthday Bella Swan? False.
  14. I'm digging this weather, cardigans and jeans, yes please. Fall, you should stay awhile, make yourself comfy :) 
  15. New Jersey Housewives floored me on their reunion show. Danielle, you're crazy, please understand that. 
So tell me friends, what's been going on in your lives? 
More blogs to come and hopefully a new background too. 
Keep an eye out for the Cru blog, the Religious Debate update, and photos from the Labor Day holiday :) 
Until then, friends

Thursday, September 9, 2010

CRU Cookout!

We kicked the school year off with an amazing 
cookout sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ
Most of you have heard me talk about this amazing 
campus ministry that we're a part of, 
but for those who don't know, 
it's quite possibly one the best things 
to ever happen to me in my life. 
And a lot of good things have happened... 
but this wasn't just good, 
it was God. 

The cookout served as a great way to get the word 
out about Cru and a great chance to talk to freshman 
and new students about God. 
We truly are blessed that we have the opportunity 
to have ministry outreach like this. 

Alleson came from Asheboro 
to come hang out with us and enjoy some fellowship.
It's great to have her back from Summershine, 
and to hear all her wonderful God stories that 
she's been able to experience. 
I'm so blessed to have her as a fellow sister in Christ 
and always honest and accountable friend. 

Ally brought Kevin The Camera 
with her to the cookout and got some snapshots of us 
for the blog. Here are my favorite ladies and I, 
hanging out on the patio of Hinshaw during the cookout. 
Love my girls! 

and of course the three of us, acting "normal" for the camera. 
Is is bad to say this is how we are all the time? 
We love each other for a lot of reasons, 
but our lack of sanity is probably on my top 5 list. 
I love my two best friends, more than words. 
I would not be where I am 
if God didn't put them in my life. 
Family is through bond not blood, 
and this is an unbreakable bond.

the typical, 
"my mouth is full, 
stop trying to take a picture of me, 
Nice right? 

Probably one of my favorite pictures of MB and I. 
It's so wonderful to attached at the hip with this girl again, 
So blessed, to have her as my best friend and sister,
I'd have no other than her. 

the gang all together, 
I'm blessed. 
That's really all have to say. 
Not a day goes by that I don't thank God 
for these kids and how He works through them. 
John 13: 34-35. always.

Lawndale Cookout

Sunday's spent at the cement pond 
with the Lawndale college ministry 
makes me so super happy. 
Fellowship, good food, and soaking up the sun. 
So blessed, 
so, so, blessed
to have the opportunities to share Christ's love 
with other people.  

Back Home.

"You're in the orchestra and this music is easy. 
If you can't read this music... 
well go join the choir instead!" 
-Mr. B

Being back at school means we're back at Lawndale
back where I belong. 
I'm so happy that all day, my Sunday's are spent with my 
phenomenal God and amazing Church family. 
Literally all Sunday that is. 
Sinnce our schedule has changed due to building reconstruction, 
my days look something like this: 
8:30- head to church to play in the early service with the orchestra
9:30- Panera Bread for breakfast and quiet time
10:45- contemporary service with the college kids 
12:30- lunch! Yay for good ol' Southern cookin'!
1:15- Bible Study 
(some Sunday's include a 6pm fellowship night) 
but I would never spend my days anywhere else but here! 

Along with Sunday's, 
I'm so happy to spend my Wednesday's with this amazing 
group of people. My orchestra has become my family, 
I love them so! 

And I love the fact that two Sunday's ago, 
Dr. Joe went up for his sermon and told the congregation 
that he had asked a little boy what the large instrument 
on the end of the orchestra was (referring to my bassoon) 
and the little boy told him excitedly that it was a 

I've earned the nickname Bazooka in orchestra :)

If you're ever in Greensboro, 
I encourage you to drop by and worship with us. 
It will change your life, 
boy did it change my mine. 

Go Heels...Go Spartans? No... Just Go Heels!

Last week the girls and I went to the 
UNC vs. UNCG soccer game. 
I of course, being a Tar Heel fan 
(born and raised) wore on of my many Carolina shirts
despite the fact I attend UNCG. 
Yeah, I was given a hard time but I'm a Tar Heel at heart, 
no excuses! 

the night started off with a fun tail gate outside the soccer field. 
Although, I know very little about soccer 
(only the basics to get me through a game,
 like the things Nate and Patrick scream while 
watching soccer games... that's about it haha)
we had a ton of fun 
(yeah I'm a basketball, football kind of girl)
And I greatly enjoyed being one of the few screaming 
for my Tar Heels, which basically killed the Spartans. 
I suppose either way the game turned out, 
I would have been happy with the result... 
but I'm content Carolina won in the end.

I told the girls' that the sky 
was indication that God was looking 
over my Tar Heels that night, 
and I was right ;)

The night concluded with an array of movies with the guys
and this lovely sweet buffet. 
TA makes a good hostess, indeed, we were spoiled rotten :) 
And even though the next morning, after all that sugar, 
and having to get up early for Lawndale, 
we felt like we were hit by buses... 
we still had a wonderful night.  

And despite the fact I can't stand Jim Carrey, 
The Mask is pretty good. 

So friends, 
tell me what games have you been following? 
I miss football if I do say so myself :) 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Girl's Night Out

MB and I took the time to go out and get some well needed 
(and deserved) coffee at Tate Street Coffee a few nights ago. 
We got to enjoy an extremely loud guy who we could 
hear from across the coffee shop. 
I could tell you every single one of his life stories, 
not only because he was talking so flipping loud 
but because he told the stories 3 times, 
each time to a different group of girls....

she spent her time drawing and I spent my time reading 
modern magazines and fantasizing about my future house 
and all the furniture I'm going to buy at Ikea for it :) 

possibly my favorite magazine article that I've read in awhile, 
comparing all the Real Housewives to Danielle from 
my guilty pleasure of a show, New Jersey Housewives. 
I'm sad to see the second season go but man, 
Danielle is just insaaaaaaaane.

Love this girl and all our adventures :) 
so blessed to have her as my best friend
(and she still claims me even when I 
reenact what loud costumers are talking about,
like birds hitting windshields, multiple times, 
in the middle of the city. Did I mention 
this guy was loud... cause he is and I'm pretty sure 
after I got done with things, 
he knows it too.)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thus Begins...

Noodle nights are back in swing! Second day back to school and we're already cooking again! This time we used MB's kitchen, due to the fact that I have no air... but oh to have those family dinners again, love it! Nate whipped up a sausage and pepper noodle dish and we had quite the gathering in MB's kitchen.

 People kept coming in and out asking for food, food that was bought only enough to feed, Nate, MB, Alex, and I, not the whole hall of freshman.  But even though the amount of people were overwhelming in the kitchen by the end of the night, and we couldn't feed of all them, it was still a great way to witness to freshman about Christ.  Love how fresh pasta brings people to the opportunity to hear about God :)
and let me add, that Nate's dinner, as usual was delish! Even without the noodles. It totally beats caf food anyday.

A few days after our first noodle night, MB and I 
hit the kitchen to make haystacks for her music 

(I was in charge of the m&m eyes haha) 

While in the kitchen baking, there was a 
group of girls baking cookies.  
I told MB, that I had a good feeling and that 
we should talk to them about coming to 
CRU and Lawndale. 

God worked in big ways that afternoon, 
for the girls were already planning on coming to 
CRU on Tuesday but weren't sure because 
they didn't know anyone else going.  
The four of them were totally on fire for Christ, 
and we spent the rest of the afternoon talking 
about our walks of faith and getting know each other. 

Although, by the end, we weren't really sure if they 
would actually come to CRU on Tuesday, 
we were pleasantly surprised when we saw them there 
on our first meeting! 
Amazing how God and sweets can bring 
strangers together and share their love for God. 

I pray that God continues to give us the strength 
and courage to talk to first year students 
about Christ and our campus ministries. 
It's only the first week and I can feel Him moving 
on this campus, it's going to be a great year, 
if this continues to be the case. 
Food and God go hand-in hand. 
As Nate said,
"we're loud and we all talk at the same time, 
but we like to talk about God and food. 
We're just a big Italian family." 

well put.


my friends Daniel and Anthony 
live downstairs from me, 
the two are best friends, 
but are constantly pulling pranks on 
each other.  This one, played by Daniel 
is possibly the best on yet. 
It looks like modern art 
but used with post-it notes instead. 

there was nothing that wasn't 
post-it noted in there. 

it's been a week, 
and we're still finding post-it notes 
around the room. 

Don't try this at home kids.


Sorry for the lack of updates, friends, it's been super busy now that school is back in session. Yes, that's the truth, school is back in session! Can you believe it? Summer is over! And although summer was a blast,  it's still nice to be back on campus. And it's especially nice to be privileged enough to live in the historic area of campus called the Quad. This happens to be the last year to live in these amazing dorms from the 1920's, due to the fact they are planning on renovating and gutting these six historic buildings next year.  It breaks my heart to see these memory-engulfed buildings renovated to become something new.  The architecture in these dorms are wonderful, with crown molding, sun rooms that feel like you stepped into the Notebook, and spacious rooms that make anyone that has to live in the high rise dorms jealous.  Asides from the fact there's no AC, I couldn't be happier than where I'm at, taking in the amazing history of this place! 

this is where I'm at, Hinshaw, over on the far side 
of the Quad, but quite possibly my favorite dorm of all. 

and this is the view of the Quad from right down the 
sidewalk of my dorm.  All this grass and blue skies, love!
(and we conveniently had the CRU cookout, 
literally from this spot, how wonderful!)
image: http://preservationgreensboro.typepad.com

and now for the big move-in day, with no air, 
fun for the boys that's for sure! 
Daddy and Patrick were heroes
(despite the broken ankle) 
getting our room together! 

Nate and our family friend, Jose, 
helping out my dad and Patrick, bunk our beds. 
Move-in was rainy and nasty and super hot, 
but it turned out very nice! 

And for the final result: 

the hallway area into our room, complete 
with my thrift shop mirror and spray painted 
butterflies, hooray for recycling! 

my walk-in closet and metal towel holder turned 
artsy note holder and medicine cabinet 

and my desk, just like last year with some add-ons. 

my bed and open windows!! 
I'm so happy we can have fresh air in this room!! 

my favorite part of the room for sure, 
our living area, 
with redone furniture courtesy of my dad, 
and amazing folding modern furniture from Staples. 
And did I mention open windows and hand hemmed 
curtains that I slaved over this summer? 
Totally worth the work.

the book shelf is my favorite, 
probably because we're the only room 
on the hall that has a built -in one. 
This room was meant to be ours with all the 
books I own, haha

and high ceilings make me super happy, 
it opens the room up so much!

the view is wonderful, 
we can watch soccer games from our window. 
And at night you can see the church steeple
high over the trees, all lit up. 
So beautiful, 
I wouldn't trade this view for anything. 

So yes, this is what I'm now living in,
this cozy little dorm, 
that stays rather warm although it's more 
than worth it :) 

hope you all are doing well! 
I've missed you like the flower misses the rain!
Happy Thursday, friends! 


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