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Saturday, July 10, 2010


 when I get really anxious or nervous about something, 
I obsessively clean or work on things. 
It's probably because I can't control the people or issue 
that's around me, so I feel the need to control what I can, 
that typically being the objects of the room I'm in.  

So because it's been such a tough past week, 
my room as been especially spoiled. 
All the projects I planned on working on over the course of the summer 
actually ended up being done over the course of a week. 
At least I'll be ready for MB and Nate's visits coming up this month :)

so here's my first project, 
the attempt to dust, rehang the crystals, 
and install a light in this chandler that's been hanging 
by a literal hanger in my room for years. 
I'm super excited about this one, 
it looks lovely hanging above my window, 
now that it actually works. 

second project being the once was gold light-switch plate. 
I'm not a fan of gold, I'm more of a silver girl. 
And this actually wasn't even the original light plate in my room, 
it was a glow in the dark unicorn...
(don't judge, I haven't redone my room in eight years...) 
I love this purple behind the silver detailing 
in comparison to the gold and bronze with the metallic background.
Slowly my room is looking like me 
instead of the Sailor Moon lover in 5th grade. 

by far my favorite project yet! 
Basically I bought cork planter bottoms from 
the garden section of Lowes Hardware and turned them into 
circular cork boards. 
I love the modernism design that the circles give off, 
compared to the typical cork squares. 
Loved decorating them too, 
with old photos, post it notes, and souvenirs from my travels. 

(haha oh and p.s. 
as I'm writing this, 
my brother just literally had a heart-attack
while watching the Germany game, 
okay maybe not literally, 
but it was close enough. 
I would really hate to see Nate right now, 
he's like ten times worse than Patrick.)

yay for cute butterflies that I didn't have to pay for! 
These can be found in Area in downtown Greensboro 
and every other modern furniture store around. 
But I lucked up enough to find the original 1970's designs
 in my grandpa's house, scooped them up, 
painted them silver and hung them up with my art deco light sconce. 
Three cheers for recycling! 

The once empty, big gold frame, from our garage 
 has become a silver scrapbook page frame, 
filled with memories of the second family, 
 vintage cut outs, Skirt! clippings,  and Bible verses 
that describe us best. 
Love has the final word.

this wasn't a project, 
more like a reward. 
This mod four dollar trashcan makes me smile, 
I love it!  
And love turning trash into treasure. 

Next project: 
Wooden frame with mirror and key hooks
for the dorm room! 

how are your little projects going my creative friends? 


Dawn said...

Yikes! The fancy chandelier would have scared me from the start! You're very brave....did you hang it yourself???? Great job...and I know what you mean about taking on projects...i do the same:)
Hope your weekend is happy...

Anya said...

hahaha, thanks Dawn! Yep, I hung it myself, it was rather annoying but it was worth it once it was up. I've been blessed with a father who redoes furniture and light fixtures so I grew up watching him redo things, it kind of comes naturally to recycle old things into new. I'm glad I'm not the only one who works on little projects to keep their mind of things, yay!
Hope you have a fabulous week, sweet girl!

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