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Saturday, July 17, 2010

There Is No Me Without You

Finally I've been reunited with my second family, 
my brothers and sister in Christ, 
my best friends by choice, 
and the loves of my life. 
What a fabulous three days we spent roaming between
Asheboro, Sanford, and Durham
with the six of us back together again
and happier than ever to be in each other's company. 
How I've missed these kids.

MB came in Wednesday night 
and we headed off to Sanford 
with Alex and Corbin to meet up with 
Nate and Zach the next morning. 
We got to town a little earlier than expected 
and went up to the train park 
before meeting the guys at La Vita Dolce.  
Hooray for acting like children again! 

We headed to La Dolce Vita for lunch. 
Remember those gifts I mentioned in an earlier blog? 
Well they finally got to open them and were super 
happy with the result.
 I got MB random little goodies, 
along with a cross (the same one I got for Nate too) 
that says,  Love One Another. 
All three of us have this cross because it's the basis of 
our Bible verse; John 13- 34-35. 

Nate got a Hunchback of Notre Dame puppet 
(which stole the tip and helped Zach unwrap his gift)
I don't think I've ever seen Nate so excited before,
good gift choice :) 
Zach's birthday present was an Argentina 
Fifa World Cup jacket, even though it's over now. 
But still he loved it and that's the most important thing. 
Late birthday celebrations never get old. 

After lunch we headed out on the town for adventures.  
We walked up to the abandoned train station, 
where everyone decided to climb over the locked gate 
to get to the roof.  We attempted to find an entrance into the station, 
but couldn't find an unlocked door or window, 
but there's always next time!
(even though it's probably illegal) 
Old building hunting will forever be a favorite past time. 

I'm so grateful that when God was writing out 
our lives, He made us cross paths. 
It's a beautiful thing when your best friends 
become your family and nothing is better 
than knowing that no mater how embarrassing you are, 
or how stupid you may be, nothing will ever come 
between you and your family. 
No greater love than this, friends. 
The fact that our relationship is built on God, 
gives me hope that if anything is going to hold this
family together, it's gonna be our Father. 

We headed to Southpoint, 
danced in public places, 
watched the boys shop
while MB and I sat outside, 
spilt salsa on ourselves, 
explored Urban Outfitters, 
faced fog and storms on backroads, 
ate homemade ice cream, 
got whistled at late at night, 
and climbed onto the roof of the train,
 in the dark with ice cream in hand. 
And no one went to the hospital. 
Very successful day for our group! 

MB and I went to the local German restaurant, 
in downtown Asheboro, the next day for lunch. 
Hooray for schnitzel and real potato salad! 
And I love my wonderful friendship 
bracelet that MB made for me :)  

MB and I had a girls afternoon 
and hit up the local antique shops and art galleries.  
We visited an awesome gallery 
consisting of all things made of duct tape.  
The evening was wrapped up with homemade ice cream 
from the local creamery and life talks in the car. 

It's hard to believe these few days are already over, 
but only 30 more days before we're back at school, 
together again! 
I'm so beyond blessed that God put 
MB, Nate, Zach, Alex, and Corbin in my life.  
I wouldn't trade my family for anyone else in the world. 
They are the sunshine on my rainy day, 
  and the love that keeps me strong. 

"Nothing but Heaven itself is better than a friend
who is really a friend"- Plautus


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