"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." -HDT

Who Am I?

My name is Annaliese, but everyone calls me Anya.  My name means devoted to God in German and my nickname means grace in Russian.  I was raised with a kick of European and a dash of Southern hospitality.  I'm very hard to define but I'm okay with that. In 2009, God met me on the steps of my dorm during one of the hardest struggles I had ever faced.  He has walked with me since and has placed some beautiful opportunities and amazing people in my life.  I have an incredible family, they are my stronghold. My two best friends, Nate and MB, are the angels that stand at my side, I would be no where without their love and compassion.  My friends call me Artsy Fartsy and I'm stuck in the past (circa 1980's, of course.)  I'm an english education and writing major, with a secondary in bassoon, at UNC-Greensboro.  I'm a writer with a testimony and passionate blogger.  I love art, good literature, a hot cup of tea, and music.  I play both the bassoon and the accordion, and was born with a creative soul. I'm an outspoken warrior that's fought a battle with PCOS since the age of 17.  I love to travel, take pictures, and hold strong to my European roots. I'm a Tar Heel, born and bred, Go Carolina! I'm a lover of people, a motherly person by nature, and a believer in life. I live a strange life compared to other people's standards, but what's wrong with a little fun in life. Besides, if it could possibly happen, it's probably happened to me.

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