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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last Minute Roadtrip.

The phone call went something like this: 
Corbin: Hey! I know it's early, but what are you doing this afternoon? 
Me: Nothing, why? 
Corbin: We're going to Sanford to see Nate and Zach, when can I pick you up? 
Me: SERIOUSLY!?!?! 12:30 at the elementary school, I'm pumped!! 

So off Alex, Corbin, and I went, 
on our last minute roadtrip to Sanford to see our best friends. 
Even though Nate and Zach are truly the most entertaining things 
in that town, it was still worth the trip :) 

they have a place called the Nunnery, 
can't be that bad of the town?

Nate warned me that when we came to visit him, 
he would be inside a pyramid at work. 
And he literally was inside a plywood pyramid 
for his hometown Church's VBS. 
(he also took the the time to paint communist hieroglyphics
on the inside. Only my best friend would do that.)

And Alex gladly modeled Nate's great creation! 

After our fabulous lunch at Zach's restaurant
 and off for adventures in rain with ice cream. :D 

The look of happiness, what a fabulous day 
with my favorite boys!! 

We concluded the adventure with a side trip to historic Pittsboro 
and pulling out my accordion when we got home. 
How typically, us. 

What summer adventures have you
 been on, my lovely readers? 

-Anya :)


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