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Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Time Last Year

I can't believe that this time last year...

I was at the Columbia River Gorge gazing at Multnomah Falls, 
while drinking a huckleberry milkshake.
(not knowing that this was where 
Twilight was filmed!!!) 

I stood on the highest point on the west coast. 

I camped on the Oregon coast, 
saw whales, 
ate real sushi, 
hung out with Granola people, 
tried to save a sea lion, 
and let my feet turn blue in the pacific ocean. 

I went and smelled the roses at the Portland rose gardens, 
saw the works of Echser at the art museum, 
didn't pay tax on anything, 
went Geocaching with my aunt and a nun, 
went to a rodeo parade, 
and went to town that looks just like Germany. 

I climbed a volcano! 

I played in the snow, 
in the middle of the summer. 

I went to the hotel where The Shining was filmed. 

I survived the Oregon trail.

My toe, wasn't much of a toe anymore. 
Yummy, right? 
I would love to tell you it was a bear attack, 
but I actually got into a fight with an escalator 
and lost. 


I can't believe this time last year....

I was in Seattle 
(I still can't believe that one!) 

and saw a hurricane of instruments in the 
Experience Music Museum

Only a piece of glass stood between me and 
Heart's instruments and stage costumes!!! 
Holy Moses!!! 

Michael Jackson died... 
and I watched his funeral in the music museum 
next to his famous studded glove. 
Music will never be the same. 

This time last year, 
I saw flying fish
and lobster tails the size of a small dog. 

Stood in line for an hour at the original Starbucks, 
and kept the cup :) 

and got my Twilight on the Olympic Peninsula 
and Forks, Washington.  
Yes, it rained,
and yes, I am a dork. 

This time last year, 
I flew across the country, 
toured the west coast, 
lived with my Catholic Principle aunt 
and her best friend, a nun. 
I flew into Vegas on my own. 
Flew on an air plane for the first time. 
And had an adventure of a lifetime. 
And I miss it. 
A lot 

What adventures have you been on, loves? 



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