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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis (still in the works.)

My quarter life crisis is still in the works my friends. 
Now that I'm getting used to it, 
I guess it's not nearly as bad as it first was.

I've been doing a lot of this lately ^^
Thanks to Nate and this lovely post-it note 
reminder he made me, I'm constantly remembering to do this: 
Stop, breathe, count to 3, if you get to 3 
and it hits again, you don't have to stop, 
you can count to 10. 
And this really does work in case you're wondering.  
It calms the mind, something I really need to do, 
especially when costumers start yelling at me about coupons
(that they've already used may I add, 
I'll remember this woman!)
 or when I totally just stress myself out by over-thinking things. 

Speaking of calm, 
I broke down and bought a yoga mat. 
I'm also taking self defense classes with MB 
in the fall. 
Anger management much? 

I'm also ready to be here in a month.

and be back with these kids, having adventures, 
cooking on Saturday nights, taking road trips, 
going to CRU and church together, 
laughing all night, crying all night, 
dancing in the parlor, and sitting by the creek, 
you know the drill. 
all in 21 days. 
Speed up August. 

I'm ready for this girl to come home, 
like for real. She's in Connecticut and 
I'm in North Carolina and texts just aren't cutting it. 
Counting down until I get to see her and 
we get to go on our epic Greensboro adventure together 
I'm glad she's going to closer than last year, 
yay for Ally at UNCG in the spring! 

In honor of this quarter life crisis, 
I took up the fact I have ovaries of steel, 
and finally convinced myself to get my ears pierced again. 
I didn't even flinch. Boo ya.
 Now just to get my nose pierced with Ally, 
and go with Zach to get his tattoo. 
(I'm too much of a wimp to get one myself) 

I bought this amazing Iota tote, slapped on some buttons, 
and sewed in some pockets the other day. 
It's organic, made of jute, and big enough to hold all my junk. 
Best of all, I'm helping the planet...
I take that back, 
best of all, if I'm ever lost in the dessert,
I can eat this bag. Just saying. 

currently reading Eat Pray Love, 
totally in love with it and all it's glory, 
Julia Roberts is in the movie, 
which will probably make it even better.
Besides, I think Elizabeth Gilbert is my other half. 

which is why Mrs. Rankin gave me this, 
the sequel to Eat Pray Love.  
Hooray for good books, 
and elementary teachers (and friends) 
who still care.

I got this amazing Vera Bradley Bible cover the other day, 
best 15 bucks I've spent in awhile!!

and my mother gave me her old Polaroid 600 camera! 
However, they no longer make polaroid film, 
so I have to buy film from The Impossible Project  instead. 
I'm looking forward to taking this baby out for a spin...
that is if I can find cheap film first. 
So if any of you dear friends, have a connection 
to cheap polaroid film, please hook me up? 

totally, madly, in love with this CD. 

Also, I'm past my Real Housewives of New Jersey kick, 
now I'm into Grey's Anatomy reruns on Lifetime. 
Even though they're killing off Izzy. 
Not to happy about that one. 

So tell me loves, 
what's been going on in your lives? 



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