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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Greensboro Daytrip :)

Back in June, Nate, Alex, Corbin, and I all met up in Greensboro for a fun filled day with our church, Lawndale Baptist, which we have missed tons. tons, tons!! 

Nate and I kicked the day off with an incredible church service.  Dr. Joe always knows how to serve a phenomenal sermon! This sermon was particularly special because it happened to be on "our" Bible verse and how God commands His angels to guide us, 
John 13- 34-35
"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

We consider this verse to be mine, Nate, and MB's verse. 
During a long talk a few months ago, I told Nate that I considered him to be my angel because he showed up right when I needed someone most in my life.  Nate pulled out his Bible and showed me this verse, explaining that it's because of God's love, that Nate loves me.  Ever since then, this has been our verse.  The fact that the Lawndale service (which neither of us had attended since school let out) was about this verse, really meant something special to us. It was especially special to me, who had been struggling with trusting in God and knowing that He would take care of things.  This sermon was proof that He never fails at showing me the little clues that He's always going to guide me.  

Along with an amazing sermon, it was great just to be back with the people I love and my amazing church family, my how I've missed Mr. B- our orchestra director, Dr. Joe, and our youth pastor, Dave! Totally worth the drive to get back to Greensboro and back to Lawndale :)

After service Nate wanted to hit up a Korean buffet 
before heading to his quartet rehearsal 
before the Lawndale cookout that afternoon.  
This is his plate, obviously he's had a lot of experience 
eating Korean food.  Unlike me because...

this is my plate, how very American of me to 
get the typical Asian food.  But the good news is,
 he convinced me to eat fermented cabbage, pickled cucumbers 
(which is kind of redundant) and I got to see BoA and H.O.T.
 on the Korean music video channel that was playing 
in the restaurant, major throwback to middle school! 

After lunch we had plans to go the Lawndale cookout
 but Nate had to go to rehearsal before we could leave. 
So we met up with Alex and Corbin once we got to UNCG. 
Actually "meet up" isn't really the best way to describe it. 
More like planning to meet up but seeing the twins
while we were driving down the street, which is 
when I leaned over and laid on the horn, which was
about the same time Nate hit the brakes on a speed bump, 
hit reverse, rolled down the windows, and yelled 
for Alex and Corbin to get in the car.  
I feel awful for anyone who had to witness this. 

While Nate was cello-ing it up, 
the twins and I headed down to the
 woods to play in the creek and 
explore some abandoned 
once-was house properties. 

but because I wasn't expecting to actually go 
hiking I left my change of clothes in Nate's car 
and had to hike in what I wore to 
church that morning.  How fashionable I 
was to be hiking in embellished sandals...

eventually we decided it was time for some 
cool air and headed to the mall where
 I saw the most disgusting sight of my life... 
(not Alex haha) 
but instead a vending machine for make-up. 
Way to close the store but put in a vending machine, 
think of all the job loss, it's sickening.  

but the good news? 
free water at Starbucks, 
heck yes. 

and as usual Nate's rehearsal ran over so 
when we got back to the music building two hours later, 
we had to entertain ourselves someway.  
So while listening in on Nate's quartet, 
we decided to get artsy and create this little buddy 
(with the plastic eye ball that was found in Alex and Corbin's car.) 

we then entertained ourselves with the 
beauty of the music building garden 
and all the little dragon flies swooping around. 

And then it was off we go to the Lawndale cook-out!!
 A great time was had by all and it was wonderful to catch up 
with all our friends, feast on hot dogs and burgers, 
play cards, watch basketball and 
enjoy time spent together. 
Alex and the cupcake are by far, 
the greatest part of this photo. 

my best friends, my brothers, the loves of my life <3

Nate's always wanted a hedgehog, but of course, 
it's very hard for me to get him a real one. 
So instead I had to settle for some non-breathing ones. 
 This is Hobey, it makes me happy that he looks like 
Nate with the hair and all.  He has a sister who 
was in my travel bag at the time.  
Nate was pretty excited, he even asked if he 
had to brush them to take care of them, 
aw, it's true love right there.  

So there you have it, our amazing adventure to Greensboro!! 
Tell me friends, what amazing adventures 
have you gone on this summer? 



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