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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's Up Buttercup?

So basically...

Atheists and Christians debated on our campus the other week. 
According to the atheists, the Bible claims 
there are unicorns in existence. 
They should probably read more translations 
than the King James Version. 
But it made me think of this dear blank please blank: 

But in regards to the debate,
there was no true winner. 
And although it was entertaining, 
nothing really good came out of it 
except for the 4 hours that Nate, MB, and I 
spent outside of the Spartan Market
talking about the debate and looking up legit arguments
in our Bibles. 

And hooray for being still considered a students of the 
school of music, even though it's not my major. 
And hooray for being allowed to give a jury 
and having MB play piano for my pieces! 

we found a rolling chair in the study lounge...
this is the result of that chair, 5 Capri Suns,
 and being up past midnight with the boys.

I went to Boone for my aunts baby shower two weekends ago 
(and we're heading right back!) 
my Oma is so beautiful! 

(most of) 
my entire family with a beautiful baby boy on the way! 
I can't believe it! 
Amanda's due date is a week before 
Nate, MB, and I go to Boone. 
Maybe we'll get lucky and the baby will want 
to meet us while we're all there. 
What a story that would be to tell the kids back home!


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