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Friday, September 24, 2010

God Has Perfect Timing

Although we're leaving for the Cru Fall Retreat today (woot woot!!) We've still had the yearning to get away from Greensboro/Asheboro. And as much as we love everyone here, certain things have just bogged my spirit down.
Last week, MB and I were talking about getting away from town, although neither of us expected our schedules to clear up in order to go anywhere. That is until God decided to step in last night :)
MB and Nate were supposed to go on a field trip next week, however the date changed for it. What are we doing instead? BOONE ROADTRIP!!!
I'm so excited to go visit my Oma and Opa with Nate and MB, words cannot describe. God has perfect timing, and He knows exactly what you need, when you it, and my friends, we all really needed this! So excited!! :D


Hailey said...

Hope your week has been better than the last! The relationship between you , Nate and MB is such an amazing friendship . It is so wonderful that you have that!

Lucky you for being able to have a roadtrip to Boone. You deserve it though. Enjoy every second it my friend!

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