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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Hormones

This past week has been a mess, medically and emotionally.
I'm crampy, moody, emotionally unstable, laughing at everything, crying at everything else, my mood swings are that of a pregnant menopausal women, and I really dislike the human race as of Thursday. And my doctor is running an underground vampire harvest... I mean really, 3 vials of blood for 2 tests? Something's up.

But on the upside of things,  I'm so blessed to have my two best friends.
When my hormones insist on having a party and my brain is freaking out as the result, they never fail to come to the rescue. MB armed with Ben and Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie ice cream and 500 Days of Summer, allowing me to do whatever needed to be done to feel human again (digesting sugar, not the best thing for me, but it was incredible at the time.) And then there's Nate who earlier in the night, accidentally knocked me up the steps trying to hug me...or was it a tackle? And continued to tell me that love hurts and as they picked me up and hugged me, while I remained stunned. But I know he had good intentions and at least MB tried to catch me.  However, after all that wreck of my emotional wants to cry at the Lawndale Orchestra and Choir Retreat, because they were playing A Baby Changes Everything. And the fact that when I can't hear myself think, I get a little freaked out. And between all that there was the insane high point where Mr. B, our orchestra director went on stage to rap about snow, my body was on complete remix from the confusion of emotions.
So what better way to end the night than to watch indie films past midnight with MB (even if we both fell asleep by the ending scene)? Except when all of your guy friends back in your dorm have gone home and you know for a fact, that Nate is asleep. But because it's dark and no one is on campus and you're desperate, you call Nate and anyway. And what does he do? Sleepily tell you he's on his way to pick you up in five minutes. Sweet, sweet, Nate. Sweet, let's me get away with anything, but still holds me accountable, MB.

I love how no matter what happens, no matter how upset or how much nonsense I'm talking, God still allows them to stay in my life. Blessed, so, so blessed.


JennaT said...

I love how much your friends love you! It's so encouraging to read about. I'm praying for you this week. God is good, all the time. :)

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