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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Girl's Night Out

MB and I took the time to go out and get some well needed 
(and deserved) coffee at Tate Street Coffee a few nights ago. 
We got to enjoy an extremely loud guy who we could 
hear from across the coffee shop. 
I could tell you every single one of his life stories, 
not only because he was talking so flipping loud 
but because he told the stories 3 times, 
each time to a different group of girls....

she spent her time drawing and I spent my time reading 
modern magazines and fantasizing about my future house 
and all the furniture I'm going to buy at Ikea for it :) 

possibly my favorite magazine article that I've read in awhile, 
comparing all the Real Housewives to Danielle from 
my guilty pleasure of a show, New Jersey Housewives. 
I'm sad to see the second season go but man, 
Danielle is just insaaaaaaaane.

Love this girl and all our adventures :) 
so blessed to have her as my best friend
(and she still claims me even when I 
reenact what loud costumers are talking about,
like birds hitting windshields, multiple times, 
in the middle of the city. Did I mention 
this guy was loud... cause he is and I'm pretty sure 
after I got done with things, 
he knows it too.)


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