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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thus Begins...

Noodle nights are back in swing! Second day back to school and we're already cooking again! This time we used MB's kitchen, due to the fact that I have no air... but oh to have those family dinners again, love it! Nate whipped up a sausage and pepper noodle dish and we had quite the gathering in MB's kitchen.

 People kept coming in and out asking for food, food that was bought only enough to feed, Nate, MB, Alex, and I, not the whole hall of freshman.  But even though the amount of people were overwhelming in the kitchen by the end of the night, and we couldn't feed of all them, it was still a great way to witness to freshman about Christ.  Love how fresh pasta brings people to the opportunity to hear about God :)
and let me add, that Nate's dinner, as usual was delish! Even without the noodles. It totally beats caf food anyday.

A few days after our first noodle night, MB and I 
hit the kitchen to make haystacks for her music 

(I was in charge of the m&m eyes haha) 

While in the kitchen baking, there was a 
group of girls baking cookies.  
I told MB, that I had a good feeling and that 
we should talk to them about coming to 
CRU and Lawndale. 

God worked in big ways that afternoon, 
for the girls were already planning on coming to 
CRU on Tuesday but weren't sure because 
they didn't know anyone else going.  
The four of them were totally on fire for Christ, 
and we spent the rest of the afternoon talking 
about our walks of faith and getting know each other. 

Although, by the end, we weren't really sure if they 
would actually come to CRU on Tuesday, 
we were pleasantly surprised when we saw them there 
on our first meeting! 
Amazing how God and sweets can bring 
strangers together and share their love for God. 

I pray that God continues to give us the strength 
and courage to talk to first year students 
about Christ and our campus ministries. 
It's only the first week and I can feel Him moving 
on this campus, it's going to be a great year, 
if this continues to be the case. 
Food and God go hand-in hand. 
As Nate said,
"we're loud and we all talk at the same time, 
but we like to talk about God and food. 
We're just a big Italian family." 

well put.


Dawn said...

What a fun idea!!! Noodle night...and I haven't ever thought to put m&m's in my haystacks:) Good idea....

Happy weekend to you:)

Michelle said...

Finally got a chance to catch up on your blog since school started - what a pleasant surprise to read about how God is using you in your dorm. We could do a pancake thing like we did in Reynolds last year in your kitchen if you want - we shall chat about this...

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