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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back Home.

"You're in the orchestra and this music is easy. 
If you can't read this music... 
well go join the choir instead!" 
-Mr. B

Being back at school means we're back at Lawndale
back where I belong. 
I'm so happy that all day, my Sunday's are spent with my 
phenomenal God and amazing Church family. 
Literally all Sunday that is. 
Sinnce our schedule has changed due to building reconstruction, 
my days look something like this: 
8:30- head to church to play in the early service with the orchestra
9:30- Panera Bread for breakfast and quiet time
10:45- contemporary service with the college kids 
12:30- lunch! Yay for good ol' Southern cookin'!
1:15- Bible Study 
(some Sunday's include a 6pm fellowship night) 
but I would never spend my days anywhere else but here! 

Along with Sunday's, 
I'm so happy to spend my Wednesday's with this amazing 
group of people. My orchestra has become my family, 
I love them so! 

And I love the fact that two Sunday's ago, 
Dr. Joe went up for his sermon and told the congregation 
that he had asked a little boy what the large instrument 
on the end of the orchestra was (referring to my bassoon) 
and the little boy told him excitedly that it was a 

I've earned the nickname Bazooka in orchestra :)

If you're ever in Greensboro, 
I encourage you to drop by and worship with us. 
It will change your life, 
boy did it change my mine. 


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