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Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm so behind on blogging, be prepared for three big blogs coming up this week...
But for now, recent thoughts and random doings from the past week:

  1. The fact that Nate insists on holding my bassoon like a bazooka, makes me laugh, but also makes me extremely nervous at the same time. 
  2. I love the fact that MB and I go to the market with full intentions on grabbing food and doing homework... but it actually turns into a night of watching movie trailers and eating jello. 
  3. I will never get tired of study sessions with Nate and MB that are interrupted by God talk. It happens all the time but I'm alright with that. 
  4. Crunchy leaves on the ground = crunchy leaf hopping competition down the school of music bridge.
  5. Cru Fall Retreat is next weekend! And I was blessed enough to win a raffle for the scholarship. Can't wait for a weekend of fellowship and worship! 
  6. People amaze me... for all the wrong reasons. 
  7. North Spencer dorm insists on not replacing toilet paper. I'm not okay with that. So I took a permanent marker and wrote: "Dear Empty Toilet Paper Roll, we really must stop meeting this way. Kthanks, Anya" 
  8. Nate does things to make me happy that would probably make other people very unhappy. But I love him for it cause it really does make my day. 
  9. The fact that the Kingdom Come album made it on the itunes homepage makes me super excited. You HAVE to check this cd out! 
  10. Bones season 6 starts September 23rd, I can hardly contain myself! 
  11. I realized the other day that my weeks literally revolve around God, it pretty much makes my life. 
    1. Monday: morning prayer group 
    2. Tuesday: CRU 
    3. Wednesday: Lawndale 
    4. Thursday: Bible Study 
    5. Sunday: Lawndale 
  12. Dear Blank Please Blank is possibly the best website to ever happen to mankind.
  13. Happy Birthday Bella Swan? False.
  14. I'm digging this weather, cardigans and jeans, yes please. Fall, you should stay awhile, make yourself comfy :) 
  15. New Jersey Housewives floored me on their reunion show. Danielle, you're crazy, please understand that. 
So tell me friends, what's been going on in your lives? 
More blogs to come and hopefully a new background too. 
Keep an eye out for the Cru blog, the Religious Debate update, and photos from the Labor Day holiday :) 
Until then, friends


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