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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates, friends, it's been super busy now that school is back in session. Yes, that's the truth, school is back in session! Can you believe it? Summer is over! And although summer was a blast,  it's still nice to be back on campus. And it's especially nice to be privileged enough to live in the historic area of campus called the Quad. This happens to be the last year to live in these amazing dorms from the 1920's, due to the fact they are planning on renovating and gutting these six historic buildings next year.  It breaks my heart to see these memory-engulfed buildings renovated to become something new.  The architecture in these dorms are wonderful, with crown molding, sun rooms that feel like you stepped into the Notebook, and spacious rooms that make anyone that has to live in the high rise dorms jealous.  Asides from the fact there's no AC, I couldn't be happier than where I'm at, taking in the amazing history of this place! 

this is where I'm at, Hinshaw, over on the far side 
of the Quad, but quite possibly my favorite dorm of all. 

and this is the view of the Quad from right down the 
sidewalk of my dorm.  All this grass and blue skies, love!
(and we conveniently had the CRU cookout, 
literally from this spot, how wonderful!)
image: http://preservationgreensboro.typepad.com

and now for the big move-in day, with no air, 
fun for the boys that's for sure! 
Daddy and Patrick were heroes
(despite the broken ankle) 
getting our room together! 

Nate and our family friend, Jose, 
helping out my dad and Patrick, bunk our beds. 
Move-in was rainy and nasty and super hot, 
but it turned out very nice! 

And for the final result: 

the hallway area into our room, complete 
with my thrift shop mirror and spray painted 
butterflies, hooray for recycling! 

my walk-in closet and metal towel holder turned 
artsy note holder and medicine cabinet 

and my desk, just like last year with some add-ons. 

my bed and open windows!! 
I'm so happy we can have fresh air in this room!! 

my favorite part of the room for sure, 
our living area, 
with redone furniture courtesy of my dad, 
and amazing folding modern furniture from Staples. 
And did I mention open windows and hand hemmed 
curtains that I slaved over this summer? 
Totally worth the work.

the book shelf is my favorite, 
probably because we're the only room 
on the hall that has a built -in one. 
This room was meant to be ours with all the 
books I own, haha

and high ceilings make me super happy, 
it opens the room up so much!

the view is wonderful, 
we can watch soccer games from our window. 
And at night you can see the church steeple
high over the trees, all lit up. 
So beautiful, 
I wouldn't trade this view for anything. 

So yes, this is what I'm now living in,
this cozy little dorm, 
that stays rather warm although it's more 
than worth it :) 

hope you all are doing well! 
I've missed you like the flower misses the rain!
Happy Thursday, friends! 



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