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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Go Heels...Go Spartans? No... Just Go Heels!

Last week the girls and I went to the 
UNC vs. UNCG soccer game. 
I of course, being a Tar Heel fan 
(born and raised) wore on of my many Carolina shirts
despite the fact I attend UNCG. 
Yeah, I was given a hard time but I'm a Tar Heel at heart, 
no excuses! 

the night started off with a fun tail gate outside the soccer field. 
Although, I know very little about soccer 
(only the basics to get me through a game,
 like the things Nate and Patrick scream while 
watching soccer games... that's about it haha)
we had a ton of fun 
(yeah I'm a basketball, football kind of girl)
And I greatly enjoyed being one of the few screaming 
for my Tar Heels, which basically killed the Spartans. 
I suppose either way the game turned out, 
I would have been happy with the result... 
but I'm content Carolina won in the end.

I told the girls' that the sky 
was indication that God was looking 
over my Tar Heels that night, 
and I was right ;)

The night concluded with an array of movies with the guys
and this lovely sweet buffet. 
TA makes a good hostess, indeed, we were spoiled rotten :) 
And even though the next morning, after all that sugar, 
and having to get up early for Lawndale, 
we felt like we were hit by buses... 
we still had a wonderful night.  

And despite the fact I can't stand Jim Carrey, 
The Mask is pretty good. 

So friends, 
tell me what games have you been following? 
I miss football if I do say so myself :) 


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