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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request

Hello my beautiful friends! I know many of you are strong Christians and you are aware of the power of prayer. I am asking you all to band together in order to grace a family with that incredible power. My friend, Leah, texted me the other night informing me that her mother had a stroke and was in need of prayer. Within 24 hours, her mother was air lifted to Baptist Hospital and underwent treatment on her brain. She is currently in critical condition and is not responsive to anything. There is a large amount of fluid on her brain and things are not looking too well.  The doctor's believe it's going to take a miracle to save her. So friends, I am asking you to pray ceaselessly for this incredibly sweet family. I know our God is capable of that miracle and can make it happen in moments. Leah's family really needs some love and prayers right now, and if you all wouldn't mind to keep her in your hearts, that would be incredible of you. I know miracles are possible, and I'm praying it's in God's will to perform one on her mom. Thank you all so much!
With tons of love,


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