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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Baby Changes Everything

Every year our church puts on the the annual 
Greensboro Christmas Spectacular,
and every year, the show blows the sock off the show
from the previous year. 

This year our show was entitled: 
"A Baby Changes Everything" 
and it was beyond incredible. 
Our music program goes all out for these shows 
and I am more than blessed to be a part of it. 

This year the first act was "Toy Story."
Yes, you heard right. 
We're talking toy soldiers coming down from the ceiling,
Buzz, Woody, and the whole gang. 
Truly amazing and beyond cute. 

The second act was the always moving nativity scene. 
This act is always my favorite because it is beyond precious. 
We had a baby nativity scene put on by the children, 
as well as an adult scene. 
Kings were coming down from the balcony 
and onto stage, dressed in full costume, 
it was heart stopping and incredibly moving. 
The real message of Jesus was portrayed, 
and that's the message of love. 
God moved in big ways through this program! 

My lovely family came to see the show, 
since Nate, Katie, and I were all in it. 
It was so wonderful to get to share this joy with them! 

Nate and I rocked the cello/bassoon lines in the pit orchestra. 
However, I can tell you that mics pick up laughs very easily, 
especially our laughs...
 not that we can tell you that from experience or anything. ;) 
It's always a blast to sit next to my best friend in pit, 
always some kind of trouble is bound to occur. 

Miss Katie K and I, laughing at what is probably one of our 
hilarious stories we share with each other. I am so very blessed 
to have gotten to know this girl, she's such a light in my life! 

We had three shows to perform and after Saturday's performance 
we all went out to Chili's with our friend Brandon. 
I got hung up on when calling for reserved seating,
Katie received a bent fork, 
and we got placed in the bar since they didn't actually 
write down that I called ahead for seating. 
However, it all ended well with free chips 
and a hilarious waitress. 

you know how we do, 
always being classy in public. 

we spent hours sitting around and entertaining ourselves...
and this is what we came up with.
It's a talent like no other. 

the beautiful Christmas tree. 
This show is just one of the 
millions of reasons that I love my church. 
Lawndale is one of those places that's just not afraid
to reach out into the community and share the story of Jesus. 
It was the 2009 show brought me to Lawndale, 
and since then, I've come to learn who God is on a personal level. 
I am forever grateful for this church 
and I'm proud to now call it my home. 


The Frisky Virgin said...

Awww, everything sounded like so much fun, and the pictures are adorable! That Christmas tree is gorgeous!

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