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Thursday, February 10, 2011

CRU Christmas Party

Yes, I realize that I'm just now posting Christmas pictures, 
but you know what? 
It's okay, we could use the Christmas cheer all year round, 
if you ask me :)

The Bible Study girls and I at the CRU Christmas party. 
(minus Katie and a select few others) 

The lovely Maria Elena and Taylor Ann. 
I love these girls oh so much. 

Merry Christmas from our severely awkward family :)

MB couldn't be there, 
so we just pretended she was there
for our family photo. 

I love absolutely everything about this photo! 

the boys serenading us with Christmas carols...
or at least their versions of Christmas carols. 

I'll claim him as my brother anyday. 

So tell me now, 
despite it's almost Valentine's day,
how was everyone's Christmas? 



The Frisky Virgin said...

Adorable! Our Christmas was so wonderful, I've been really sad since the holidays ended. I miss them! Oh, and I so don't like V-Day coming up, so I'm elated you posted Christmas pictures!!! :)

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