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Thursday, February 10, 2011

11.5 Short Thoughts:

1.) Change starts with a girl. I want to start a campus outreach program for the Girl Effect. Never heard of it? Check it out here and go make a difference. 50 million, 12-year-old girls will love you for it.

2.) Last night's Carolina vs. Duke game made me extremely proud of my Tar Heels. Despite the fact we lost, it's amazing the strength found between the players on the team. I'm Tar Heel born and bred, and so proud of it.

3.) Bones has been blowing my mind lately. It's always been awesome, but they are just outdoing themselves recently. If you've never watched Bones, go watch all the seasons so you can then go watch the Gravedigger Trial episode in season 6. First 4 minutes cannot even be described into words. Seriously.

4.) Sometimes I feel like I need my own warning label.

5.) Maybe my real calling is to open at orphanage. Katie will help me fund it and Nate will be our cook. And those kiddos will be so loved by us, they'll feel & understand the love of Christ, and eat asian noodles every single day.

6.) I'm learning what it means to bear my cross. It's a beautiful and humbling process.

7.) My Women's Studies class really makes me question all woman-kind. And not in a good way.

8.) My brother made the Carolina Honors Band and will be spending the weekend here at UNCG with Nate and I. So excited and oh so proud of him!!

9.) I use my speeches in my communications class as a witnessing opportunity. Seeing people cry and say amen at the end of my speech makes me realize that it wasn't me up there speaking, it was God speaking through me. Every little thing can make a difference.

10.) Elizabeth Gilbert's writing continues to make me want to seek God, love unconditionally, and travel the world. I feel like she's taken my brain and splattered it onto the pages of her books.

11.) My name is Annaliese and I'm addicted to the Mac Application Store.

11.5) when making ramen soup from scratch, always remember to skim the scum...


Michelle said...

I'd never heard of the Girl Effect before and I went over and checked out the video. I won't argue that millions of girls aren't treated well and suffer because of that. But I wonder how much of those things that are held up as goals in the video are really more "American" and/or feminist than actually helpful. Something to think about....

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