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Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Other News

Everyone take a moment to breathe, 
the Christmas updates are finally over!! 
So in other news, what's been going on 
with the gang in Greensboro, 
since we're returned to school? 

we have taken the time to take photoshoots of each other...
I mean, 
we study...

we play leap frog in the middle of the snowy streets...

we walk to Tate Street at 11:00 at night
 to fulfill cravings for Chinese food. 

We eat Chinese food at least 4 times a week...
that's not a lie at all. 

We pose in the meditation room and take modeling pictures, 
because we all know that no one actually 
meditates in the meditation room.

we get the last two tickets to WinterJam before
they completely sell out so we can see
Francesca Battistelli,
 David Crowder Band,
and the Newsboys be mindblowing. 

We cheer on the Packers in honor of passed friends 
at the Lawndale Super Bowl Party. 
Which may I add, is just like Christmas, 
lots of food, lots of laughs, 
and everyone comes out to visit. 

Did I mention it's February? 
Say what? 
New Years feels like it was just yesterday,
what on earth!


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