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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Basketball Season!!

It's March 
and that means two things: 
1.) Albert Einstein and I are rocking our birthday's on Pi Day. 
3.14 Baby! 

Basketball season is among us, friends! 
This is my favorite time of year for many reasons. 
Mostly because it gives me a legitimate excuse to 
scream my lungs out at something, 
and a chance to wear Carolina t-shirts everyday. 
And speaking of Tar Heels, 
how bout them Heels!? 
I understand Duke beat us in the championship game 
and all that jazz, yeah yeah, blah blah. 
But seriously, we beat Duke last week and 
we're the ACC regular season champs. 
Compared to where we were last year and earlier this year, 
I am not complaining at all. Talk about some progress. 
(not to mention the class we have compared to the Duke bench)

I'm extremely proud of my Tar Heels. 
Tar Heel born and Tar Heel bred! 

Speaking of basketball, because I'm a Spartan as much 
as a Tar Heel, let's talk about UNCG Basketball. 
Yes, now that I'm not tied down to the chains of the 
School of Music, I can actually have a life and go to the sports games. 
This means that these precious friends and I headed to the 
coliseum to support our Spartans against Miami...

Well, all except this girl. 
Katie is our walking contradiction. 
Miami fan, pulling for Miami, 
yet wearing a UNCG shirt. 

And there are our teams now... 
yeah, this picture pretty much sums up 
how this game went. 
Miami stomped us. 


However, despite the fact Miami kicked our butts, 
Jon and I continued to exuberantly cheer for our Spartans. 
Let me tell ya, 
who needs anger management 
when you have basketball to yell at? 

A great friendship has bloomed between Katie and I. 
This girl and I have spent many a night in Taco Bell, 
the caf, and random laundry rooms, talking for hours.
Not to mention the adventures we get into are priceless, 
especially if it involves driving.
It's very appropriate to say that, 
"the best things in life are unexpected, 
because there were no expectations." 

After the game we headed to cookout
and hopped into the back of Caitlin's truck 
with milkshakes in hand, 
even though it was 30 degrees outside. 
These are the moments I'll always cherish. 
This is the college is experience everyone should have. 

So friends, who are you all pulling for this basketball season? 


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