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Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Days of Summer

Summer has started to come to an end, 
chilly air is setting in
and those sunny days don't last as long as we think. 
So what do the final days of summer hold? 

amazing old cars, 
at huge car shows, 
that take place in tiny towns.

street markets in Littleton,
welcome to America 

a beautiful view of Lake Gaston 
from MB's lake house. 

beautiful little Ally 
and her giddy furry friend, Chancey

Labor Day weekend at Lake Gaston with MB :)

Grand tour of the lake on a jet ski, for the win! 

beautiful sunsets <3

adventures to the local park. 

excuses to act like we're three again. 

secret hiding places. 

so how have you spent your last days
of summer, friends? 



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