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Monday, October 4, 2010

Gutentag Germany!

Trips to Boone equals care packages from Oma and Opa, 
full of bread, cheese, salami, German potato salad, home grown 
tomatoes, and pound cake. 
What better way to enjoy it than to go all out German? 

German food and German music, 
let's get this party started! 

Nate enjoyed that potato salad just a little too much. 

how flattering, really. 

as if there was a better picture to describe our 
relationship, than this one? 

getting down to the best music around :)

story of my life, always.

in case you didn't know, 
the chicken dance originated in Germany. 
This amazing discovery led to this even more amazing 
facial expression! Love! 

What fun dinner adventures have you all had? 


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