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Monday, October 25, 2010

CRU Fall Retreat!

One thing we all look forward to in CRU, is defiantly our Triad Metro Fall Retreat! Graciously and surprisingly, I entered a raffle and won a scholarship and got to go for free. And even more surprisingly, the retreat wasn't much of a retreat at all cause it took place in my hometown! (which was nice because MB and I went to spend Saturday afternoon with my family.) The weekend itself was incredible. There's nothing quite like getting a group of believers together and spending a weekend praising our Savior. So blessed to be involved in CRU and being able to have opportunities like this!

Our UNCG CRU group, 
we made up most of the people at the retreat. 
It's really a blessing compared to how small we were last year! 

It's when I'm outside do I feel closest to God. 
Beautiful view of the cross from across the lake <3

Nate, me, and MB in front of the CRU sign 
after a great night of worship. 

the dance on Saturday night was "ho down" themed. 
we make some mighty fine cowboys/girls. 
(except Katie who purposely dressed like a city girl, 
to play the part of "city cousin who comes to visit her redneck family."
nicely done.)

My lovely brother, Nate and I 
rockin' the plaid the cowboy hat.

Nate playing along to 
"The Devil Went Down to Georgia." 
He was quite a smash with everyone! 

MB and I decked out in our "southern" shirts from Target.
 (it took us two hours to decide on our costumes haha)

like peas and carrots. 

my beautiful Bible study ladies. 
we have way too much fun
(way too often!) 

I am one blessed lady 
to have the awesome God I have, 
and the incredible people 
He has put in my life.


Dawn said...

Looks like a VERY fun time down on the ranch!
(Would have loved to hear him play on that fiddle:))

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