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Thursday, May 27, 2010

sneaky sneaky

My brother is finishing his last year of middle school. I can't believe he's going to be in high school next year! My goodness! This tall kid who plays basketball obviously, also rocks him some trombone and has made All-District and All-County this year (and we're praying for Honors Wind Ensemble his freshman year of high school...)

His last middle school band concert happened to be the night before my musicology final so my parents assumed I wouldn't be able to drive back home to see his concert.  But I know better than that, and since he was up for the band directors award (the same one I got in middle school) I just had to be there. So Mary-Beth and I packed up the car with notes and books and headed home to see Patrick's concert. And it was worth it, seeing his reaction when he saw me come surprise him and seeing him win the award! So proud of my "little" brother! 

Patrick and Mrs. Butler... they're both standing up by the way. 

my lovely and surprised family after the concert :)


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