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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boone Roadtrip 2010: Fifth and Sixth Stops- King Street and ASU

Fifth and Sixth Stops-
 King Street and ASU

Picture 1: 
I love the fact that King Street 
has public art everywhere :)
"Oh look, that's just like the three of us!" -Anya
"I wanna be that one!!" -Nate
"I was thinking more like Jesus 
symbolism but this works as well." -MB

Picture 2: 
Yo, Yosef! 

Picture 3: 
Love this photo! 
Explorations <3

Picture 4: 
Nate and the graffiti tunnel 
at Appalachian State University

Picture 1: 
Why no, we did not break into the music building
or allow Nate to harass, Ms. Bones, 
the skeleton we found in the 
Alexander Technique room.  
It was true love for those two.

Picture 2: 
Nate's in this picture... 
we just stuffed him in the locker. 

Picture 3: 
told ya. 
since we can't be this crazy at our own 
school of music in Greensboro, 
we have to do when we're 3 hours away

Picture 4: 
Family :)
(minus Ms. Bones)

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