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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boone Roadtrip 2010: Third Stop- Moses Cone

Third Stop- Moses Cone

Picture 1: 
Blowing Rock to see the Moses Cone 
mansion and property. 
"Hey Maybell, did you lock your car?"

Picture 2: 
According to Oma and Nate, 
this looks just like southern Germany :)

Picture 3: 
"Moses Cone, like the hospital?" -Nate
"Well this is their mansion, same family 
who built the hospital in Greensboro though. 
But he's dead now." -Anya
"Oh. Okay." -Nate

Picture 4: 
Moses Cone is now a hotspot for local art :)

Picture 1: 
such a beautiful house with an amazing view! 

Picture 2: 
"Because you're the greatest thing about me"

Picture 3: 
At the rose Arboretum. 
We let Nate pick a trail on the 
property for us to walk, 
and we ended up here along with a 
nasty smelling horse barn, 
a cool stone bridge, 
and beautiful rolling hills. 
And I also managed to get my hair 
stuck on one of the branches haha

Picture 4: 
view from the sun room of the mansion.

Next Post: Fourth Stop- Oma and Opa's House!! 


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