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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Turkey and Sand

My family and I decided to spend our Thanksgiving 
at the beach instead of at home. This has become a tradition 
for us, that every year we head to the shores and call it our 
temporary home for the holidays. New tradition? 
Eating fried oysters instead of eating turkey for our big meal, 
I suggest you try it, it's quite an enjoyable change :)

my beautiful mother and I :)

No lie: 
I got a bloody lip about 5 seconds 
after this picture was taken... 
I have such a nice brother. 

like daughter like father

The Christmas tree up and running 
at Broadway at the Beach, 
it's a beautiful sight. 

We drove all the way down the strip 
to hit up one of our favorite spots. 
No one's ever around here so it's perfect for
sunsets and pictures. 

Our annual Christmas card is always taken 
at the beach. And this was this years. 
My brother is sitting and he's still taller than me. 

We also celebrated my mom's birthday 
while on vacation. However, she hates the term 
birthday, so we named it Rose Day 
in honor of her name. 
Isn't this cake just amazing? 
I'm blown away by the bakeries in Greensboro sometimes. 

So how were your Thanksgivings, my loves?


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