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Sunday, December 19, 2010

So What's Up?

I am so sorry for my leave of absence for over a month. 
I'm sure you're all wondering where I've been. 
You see, life kind of took over. 
And by took over I mean, kind of turned into a tornado of stuff. 
Stuff being a very nice word to describe what it's turned into.

so let us start from the very beginning, 
this has been my life since October:

it all started with the Lawndale Bonfire. 
It was a lovely time had by all, full of hayrides, 
roasted marshmallows, singing, and lots of laughs. 

Nate and I watched the boys play flag football all evening.
Due to the fact, I was a beast at Powderpuff Football
back in high school, Nate dared me to go play football 
with the guys. He then told me, he would join 
if I went out there (which is big for Nate, the football hater.) 
But we had to decline due to dinner being served... 

However, when we declined the invitation to play football, 
we didn't realize that it was actually for the best. 
The following night, without any warning, I started to have severe 
pains in my lower abdomen, right side, and lower back. 
Within an hour, we packed up the car, called my parents, 
tracked down Nate, and all headed to the emergency room. 
After an 8 hour long night of examinations, 
blood tests, and sonograms, 
I was diagnosed with internal bleeding in my right ovary. 
I was to spend a week on bed rest, 
and expected to be in pain for up to 5 weeks. 
However, despite all this, I had some amazing family and friends 
who helped me through this hard time. 
My dad drove to Greensboro to come with me to the hospital, 
my teachers were more than understanding 
(especially Dr. Burns, my bassoon teacher), 
my hallmates wrote out cards and stuck them to the door, 
and the girls brought me this beautiful bouquet of flowers. 
I am so beyond blessed to have these people in my life, 
to keep my spirits up when my body's feeling down.

MB stayed in the hospital with me all night 
and Nate and my roommate stayed until going on 4:00 am. 
Throughout the week, Nate special delivered my meals to me 
and MB and Chels babysat my bedrest, knowing I was 
too stubborn to actually remain locked up in my room the whole time. 
Nate has held me accountable to my treatment since our little adventure 
to the hospital and has even taken on a gluten free diet, 
so we both could stay off as many carbohydrates as possible. 
Talk about love right there, folks. 


After some recovery time, 
Nate, MB, and I headed to Westover 
to see David Crowder Band in concert. 
Talk about some worship, 
it was so powerful to see God moving through everyone 
who attended that concert. 
And may I add, 
my Bible is now signed by all the members of the band. 
Love! :)

Along with recent activities in Greensboro, 
a very special one happened back home
when my "little" brother got confirmed! :) 
I am so excited to see where God is going to take him. 
He has such an open heart and free spirit, 
the possibilities are endless. 
Can't wait to see how special his walk with Christ is going to be! 

We also took the time to head to Raleigh to see Lecrae
in concert. Yes, I did it! I can proudly say that I went 
to my first rap concert, and it was Holy Hip Hop, 

My high school was amongst the first in the nation to 
out on the musical, The Phantom of the Opera. 
Words can describe just how mind-blowing the performance was. 
Katie, MB, and I headed into Asheboro especially to see it 
on opening night, and it was so worth it. 
I am so blessed to have come from a high school that values the arts 
as much as mine. Everything about the performance was incredible
and I've never been so proud of my kids in the music department :)

However, on the way back from seeing Phantom, 
we had an unfortunate event occur... 
This little devil, aka a flying squirrel, decided it was going to
have a little too much fun with the girls who were fascinated with it's 
beyond adorableness (girls, as in Katie, MB, and I) 
After being pestered by Katie to climb down the wall, 
it apparently had enough and glided swiftly to the ground. 
Upon it's landing, Katie ran over to it with her camera to take a picture, 
and then all of the sudden... 
A blood curling scream comes from Katie as we all turn 
to see that the squirrel has decided to jump onto Katie, 
and climb up her leg.
I was honestly surprised the police didn't show up, 
I'm sure everyone on that campus heard that scream, 
and continued to hear her yell 
"I'm gonna have rabies now! I was just felt up by a flying squirrel!" 
However, after all was said and done, it led to a great laugh, 
and the squirrel rightly deserved the name Gerard, 
in honor of Phantom.  

Stick around! There are more updates to come! 


Hailey said...

1.Oh my goodness, I had NO idea all that was going on. Of course, when I saw your tweets, I prayed and when I saw even worse tweets, I prayed some more. So glad to see you are doing some what better :).

2. So jealous you saw DCB!

3. I often attend Westover Church.

4. My boyfriend cousin, Megan was Christine in Phantom.

5. The flying squirrel story scares me.

6. Okay sorry for the rambling.

7. Hope you have an amazing Christmas break. Enjoy being at home for a little bit.

8. I am done now. Bye, sweet girl!

Michelle said...

I don't think you should be able to have this much trauma/drama without me being aware. Perhaps that's a sign I was too self-absorbed with my own trauma/drama over the past few weeks.

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