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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Decorating

As most of you know, 
there's nothing I love more than decorating, 
for anything.

So when Christmas rolls around,
I take major advantage of the chance at 
getting to go all out on decorating. 
This year, we locked ourselves away for 
five hours (yes, it took that long) 
with some hot cocoa, Christmas music, 
and a fully charged camera, 
and got to work decking the halls! 

Merry Christmas from the Three Stooges, 
yes we took a Christmas card photo, 
don't judge us and our need to act 
like a normal family sometimes.

This is more like it:
Tis the season to be...

Love in it's finest form

Nate insisted that we hang up Christmas lights. 
We have high ceilings... 
which meant Nate had to literally climb the bookshelf 
to get them up there. 
Not like this is a safety hazard or anything. 

hanging up the Christmas ornaments in our windows 

Nate taught us how to make German paper ornaments. 
It took a lot of time but it was totally worth it in the end. 

Because this was the end result! 
Isn't cool? 
All made of tissue paper, glue, and lots of time. 
But man, it was an awesome result! 
Maybe I'll post the instructions on here 
for you all try at home. 

This was the final result when all was said and done. 

The bookshelf was lined with garland and snowflakes. 
And no matter how hard anyone tried, 
we just could get the garland even. 
Everytime we have company and they sit on the couch, 
they always get up and try to make it even, 
but it's no use haha 

our Christmas ornaments and snowflakes
hanging up in the windows :)

The most epic Anya-fied wreath there is. 
Pink and sparkly! Love it!! 

So how did your Christmas decorating hold up? 
Any disasters or great accomplishments? 



Hailey said...

That pink wreath is sooooo lovely, as well as all of your other decor.

I haven't seen many dorm rooms but geesh, you have a huge size dorm.

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