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Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday MB!

We celebrated MB's birthday a few weekends ago, 
with a 30 pound lasagna, 
a homemade scrapbook, 
a giant piece of cake from Ganache, 
and loads of laughs! 

To think that 20 years ago, 
God created this amazing girl and graced the world 
with her warm heart, sarcastic sense of humor, and 
Christian love for all people. 
So blessed that God placed her in my life! 

The unwrapping of the present! 
It took 5 minutes just to unwrap it, no lie! 
Why, you ask? 
Let's just say, I really like wrapping presents ;) 
But when she got to the actual present it was totally worth it, 
for inside was a scrapbook of all our memories. 
It was just as much fun for me to make, 
as it was for her to unwrap. 

Nate gets the camera and this is what happens. 
My "I'm gonna kill you face, put my camera down."

he's a beauty all right. 

my beautiful sister all dressed up for our
birthday celebration. 

Nate being... Nate.

The ridiculous piece of cake we got for MB :D 
It was incredible. 
Ganache never fails to deliver amazingness! 
It was a fabulous and fun night that will not soon be forgotten. 
Happy Birthday to my sweet best friend! 


Hailey said...

I'm sorry did you say 30 pound lasagna? Well if that is right, I am jealous. I love me some lasagna.

Thanks to this post, I am going to have to head to Ganache tonight :)

Michelle said...

I love how close you and Nate and MB are!! And I love that you blog! I'm just now getting to catch up on posts from the past lil' bit. Can't wait to see you in January - we should plan a date!

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