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Thursday, February 18, 2010

God's Fingerprints

My best friend Nate, and I are known for having these really crazy moments.  Those kind of moments where you just know that God's fingerprints are all over the circumstance.  Our meeting was one of those God moments, when we randomly ran into each other outside our dorm and hit it off immediately. Our relationship is proof that God exists as it is, I'm beyond blessed to have him in my life.

My senior year of high school I was diagnosed with Polycystical Ovarian Syndrome, a disease that affects the female organs, outer appearance, and chemical and hormonal balances in the body. When I came to college, I was feeling pretty lost but with time, prayer, and some unfortunate moments along the way, I discovered Nate and since then,  he's helped me to put my trust in God that there's a reason I've been given this disease to deal with.

Nate and I have recently had some problems with our close friends and it's really torn us up. What used to be 4 best friends has now turned into two separate groups of friends. And since Nate and I come in a package deal, nothing seems to be working for the four of us to be on the same page again. So after many long conversations over coffee and late night crying sessions, we've come to the conclusion that something must be done. The question is more of what can possibly be done because we know what the problems are but they do not.  So the other night during a recital, I was praying about it and was feeling pretty lost about the situation so I texted my other best friend Ally asking for her opinion on the matter. She texted me back saying that life decisions are hard to make but sometimes they have to be done.  She concluded the text with the Bible verse John 15:13 and told me she loved me and that it would be okay.

Since I was in the middle of a recital, I didn't have my Bible on me so I texted Nate and my roommate Ashley to look up the verse and let me know what it was.  They both responded saying:
 "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."

Later in the evening Nate, Ash, and I all went to our campus ministry, Campus Crusade for Christ.  The speaker went up to give the message and asked us to flip in our Bible's to John 15.  Ash whispered my name, telling me to look at the screen and as I was turning in my Bible, Nate and I both realized that the Bible verse that was up on the screen was the verse that Ally had texted me earlier and the message was on working out relationships. Although these moments happen to me and Nate quite a bit, they never fail to amaze me, especially this time. We needed to know that God was going to take care of our situation with our friends and this was his way of saying that He was there. Just when you're feeling lost, God sends a reminder to us to let us know that He's still there and to wait out the storm. A reminder to tell us that even though He may not be fixing the whole problem he's aware of the situation and his fingerprints are all over it.


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